Salon Suites Lease

By September 19, 2018 September 26th, 2018 Salon Suites
How to choose a beauty salon suite from Salon & Spa Galleria

We know what you think: you think a salon suites lease is expensive and way beyond your ability to pay.

You are wrong in that thinking.

Call us at (817) 823-7105 for information which can change your life.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, we change lives, and here’s how we do it!

We incur all of the risk and almost all of the expense in opening your business!

How does Salon and Spa Galleria do that?

It’s a valid question, and you can ask that of our friendly staff if you arrange for a tour of Salon and Spa Galleria.  In fact, our friendly staff, at all ten of our locations in the Greater Fort Worth area, is standing by to alleviate any doubts and fears you have about our business plan.

It’s a business plan where you lease a salon booth and succeed!

So let’s talk about it in general terms.

At several of our ten locations, we have luxury salon suites for as little as $50 per week, or $200 per month.  No, you do not have to sign a long-term lease. There is no trick here. There is no hidden agenda.  We provide pretty much everything you need to start your own business in the beauty industry for that low lease payment.  We provide the professional, private salon booth rental.  We provide marketing assistance.  We pay for utilities and we provide WiFi and HDTV.  We provide a break room, a washer and dryer, access to your suite 24/7, security monitoring, and a full-time concierge.

And what do you provide?  You provide the lease payment, a customer list, business cards, and whatever supplies and products you need to get started.  On average, for around $500, a beauty professional can start their own business at Salon & Spa Galleria.  No more working for commissions.  No more working for someone else in a beauty shop.  No more scraping by while dreaming of owning your own business.  No more dreaming period!

And we are locally owned and operated, meaning we will always have management nearby to help you with any concerns or problems you might have.

Here’s what we want you to do: go check out our salon and suites at our new location in the Alliance Area, located at Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Fort Worth Design District.  Talk to the staff.  Take a tour. Talk to the professionals working there in our salon booths.  Ask them all of your questions.  Ask them how they like working according to our business plan.  Ask them how they like working for themselves and actually depositing money in the bank each week.  And when you are all done asking questions, sign a short term or long term lease with us and get started on your future.

Ten locations to choose from . . . a friendly, professional management team eager to help you . . . almost all of the overhead provided and your worries negated . . . welcome to Salon & Spa Galleria, the gateway to your professional future, a future which is about to change drastically for the better.

Call us today!