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By September 22, 2018 September 26th, 2018 Salon Suites
spa rooms for rent Grapevine are available with Salon & Spa Galleria

Anyone looking for salon suites NRH, or salon suites North Richland Hills, has come to the correct article for answers.  When you finish reading this information, give us a call at (817) 823-7105 for more information.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we have the salon booth rental you need at a price you can’t ignore.

Call us soon! The deal we are offering is too good to pass up.

What are salon suites?

Ten years ago, the business idea of salon suites was a pretty foreign one.  Most beauticians, nail specialists, and massage therapists rented a chair in a beauty salon owned by someone else.  They either worked on a commission basis or they worked for minimum wage plus commissions.  In addition, they rented the chair and paid for all supplies used . . . and also shared in the general upkeep of the work area. It was a good business plan for a beauty professional just starting out with very little start-up cash, but it was a better deal for the salon owner, who really faced very little risk in that scenario.

Booth rental vs commission . . .

Slowly change came to the beauty industry. Someone came up with a business plan where beauticians could rent an individual room, or suite, and that room or suite would be just for them and their own business. The building where those suites were located was generally owned by some commercial real estate management firm, and the salon booths were leased short-term or long-term.

Welcome to Salon & Spa Galleria, the best of the best for beauticians looking to start their own business.

Salon and Spa Galleria has ten convenient locations in the Greater Fort Worth area, including the one located at 5230 Denton Hwy, serving the North Richland Hills area, and our business plan is similar to the one laid out above, only better.

Better because of the amenities we offer . . . here’s how it works.  You come in to Salon & Spa Galleria, take a tour, and talk to our helpful staff.  You agree on leasing one of our luxurious salon suites, some of which are as low as $50 per week.  We agree to provide you with practically everything else you need to start your business.

Practically everything you need . . . utilities, security, a marketing package, equipment, concierge, web page, HDTV, WiFi, washer and dryer, break room, professional guidance . . . practically everything you need to become a business owner.

For as low as $50 per week . . .

Here’s the bottom line: If you can find a better deal than the one we offer at Salon & Spa Galleria, you would be foolish not to take it . . . but you can’t, and we are confident of that.  Pick up the phone. Dial the number we gave you above. Come in for a tour, but make sure you bring your dreams with you.  You’re going to need them once you sign on with the locally owned and operated Salon & Spa Galleria.