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By August 18, 2018Salon Suites
How to choose a beauty salon suite from Salon & Spa Galleria

Are you interested in salon suites renting?

Boy oh boy, did you ever select the right article to read.

We are going to tell you, in this article, how to succeed in the highly-competitive beauty industry, so pay attention, and after you read this article we want you to call us at (817) 823-7105 for more information.

Have you ever worked in a beauty shop?

If you are a hair stylist, a nail professional, or a massage therapist, chances are excellent that you have worked in a beauty shop.  Perhaps you still are, or perhaps you are doing beauty work in your home as a home-based business.  Let’s look at those two approaches to the beauty industry and in particular look at their drawbacks, and then contact us for a logical solution.

Beauty salons only make one person rich and that’s the owner of the salon.

Realistically, and if you have worked in a salon you know this to be true, the only one making big bucks is the owner.  You are most likely getting paid a commission for the work you do.  True, there is very little risk involved in this business plan and true, your expenses are quite low in this business plan, but it is definitely not an avenue to financial independence for the stylists who work so hard just so the salon owner can vacation in Cancun.

The second scenario has you working out of your home.  This has its advantages in that you are working for yourself, you are taking in all of the profits, and you are not paying for an expensive retail shop for a beauty salon.  The downsides to this plan are two-fold:  one, you do not present a very professional appearance working from your home and two, you are basically sacrificing the peacefulness of your home in favor of your home-based business.  That may be a sacrifice you are willing to make, but if it is not we have a third suggestion you might like to consider.

Salon suite renting . . .

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we are the industry leaders in the Fort Worth area with regards to salon suite renting.  Here’s how it all works at Salon and Spa Galleria.

You come see one of our ten convenient locations.  You like what you see and you pay for a short term lease, as low as $50 per week in some locations.  For that money you receive the keys to a luxury salon suite at one of our locations.  You decorate it, you bring in what supplies you need, and within a couple of weeks you are in business.

It’s that simple at Salon and Spa Galleria.  For as low as $50 per week you have a professional office/suite in a professional building surrounded by industry professionals.  We provide everything else you need to succeed, from security to HDTV to WiFi to professional equipment to marketing support.  You provide the talent and we make sure that talent is rewarded.

And that’s the way it should be!

Salon & Spa Galleria, your key to success . . . it is now time for you to give us a call!