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Salons in Grapevine

By September 7, 2018September 10th, 2018Salon Suites

So, you are looking for salons in Grapevine, correct?  Why are you looking?  Want to rent  salon suites in Grapevine? Are you in need of a professional hair style, or are you looking for a place to ply your trade as a hair stylist?  Either way, the place to be is Salon & Spa Galleria at 3549 Grapevine Mills Pkwy near the Grapevine Mills Mall.  Call us at (817) 823-7105 for directions.

Why Salon & Spa Galleria?

Let’s look at the first reason for your salon search, namely you need a professional hair style.  Salon & Spa Galleria has a team of individuals who are the best of the best in the beauty industry.  Not only that, but Salon and Spa Galleria offers luxurious surroundings in an easy-to-access location, and our friendly staff and full-time concierge are standing by to make your experience the very best.

And if you are a hair stylist looking for a salon suite?

Say hello to your new home!  Salon & Spa Galleria believes that you are the professional with the hard-earned talent, and because of that you deserve to make the lion’s share of the profits.  This is in direct contrast in the booth rental vs commission business plans.  If you work for someone else in their beauty salon, you will always just work for commissions and never, ever, get ahead financially.  If, however, you lease a suite at Salon & Spa Galleria, you will own your own business and pocked the fruit of your hard-earned labor.

Which sounds better to you, booth rental or commission?

Call us and arrange for a tour today!

What else can Salon & Spa Galleria do for you?

How about completely set you up in business with little expense to you?

Do you know what the Number One reason is for most small businesses failing?  It’s a lack of sufficient capital . . . money . . . to pay for the necessities of being in business.  They can’t afford the lease. They can’t afford the office equipment and the professional equipment,  and they can’t afford the utilities and incidental expenses which seem to daily drain from their bank accounts.

But that’s the beauty of Salon & Spa Galleria?  We provide practically everything you need to succeed. We provide the utilities. We provide the equipment.  We provide the security, the marketing assistance, the full-time concierge, and the full-time staff.  You pay a ridiculously low salon booth rental fee, as low in some locations as $50 per week, and we provide just about everything else you need to open and run your own hair salon.

So when you come to Galleria Salon & Spa, you are coming to a place filled with professionals, working for themselves, carving out their own slice of the American Dream.  You will be dealing with a professional staff who is eager to help you.  You will be working with a team of your peers, everyone cheering on the other, the way you would expect neighbors to do in a locally owned and operated facility.

Yes, Salon & Spa Galleria is a bit like coming home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.