Spa Rooms For Rent In Fort Worth For The Professional

By October 10, 2019Blog
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The spa rooms for rent in Fort Worth are the answers to the issues professionals face every day when they are working for a privately owned spa or beauty salon, not enough money and long hours. You will want to check out how having your own spa room will be rewarding. Call us at (972) 691-7300 for the information and answers.

Spa Rental Space Helps You Gain Independence

The issues called commissions and schedule – Yes, not a bad words when you are receiving more than 50% of the cost of service provided and get to make your schedule, though that is not a case when you are employed at a private spa or beauty salon. No, you might get if you’re lucky a 20% ratio, the rest belongs to the owner. Let’s use a massage therapist for our math example. Here is a simple math equation that will prove our point, a spa owner sells a massage for $150.00 for 90mins, a massage therapist provides physical service for those 90mins, and the pay they receive is $20.00. Do you understand the issue, now?

Stepping up to the table is Salon and Spa Galleria with the business model of spa room rental or suite rentals. The obvious above scenario solutions are to lease a spa space. Here is how it breaks down the therapist charges the same $150.00 for 90mins, they complete the service and they receive all of the $150.00, and then you schedule the appointment, which is 100% of your independence.

Spa Suites Located Makes A Difference

The spas in Fort Worth are a great choice. Fort Worth is fast becoming a mecca city of wellness. Spa and salon suites for rent are available with Salon and Spa Galleria. We took the time to plan and think about the placement of each of our locations. Keeping the location in venues that would benefit the local population and generate a vast clientele base. The planning included abundant parking giving clients fast and convenient access to your salon business. With the beauty professional in mind, we have generated in a mecca city an upscale professional ambiance with affordable leasing options.

Spa Suites For Rent Has A Sole Purpose

Is to generate partnership for professionals to have a community to provide support for the entrepreneur who is starting out exclusively. It will provide empowerment. Creativity is the product of a mini salon owner both with professional services and in creating the personal private salon ambiance. Let’s not forget the booth rental vs. commission or better put the just getting by vs. financial gain. It’s a choice for you to make. We have a spa suite rental waiting for you. It may not be in a town or city you live in, chances are in one of the 9 locations of Salon and Spa Galleria you will find excellent opportunities to become all that you want to grow and much more. There are no limits on where your dreams can elevate you too.

The question to ask yourself – What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

Give us a call… We’ll answer your questions that will help you make the decision of your future.