Tips To Make Your Salon Suite Stand Out

By December 19, 2019Blog

These tips can help your salon suite stand out from all the others. In today’s beauty salon world with having a multitude of salons available the one big problem owners challenge with is how to drive new clients into their salon doors.  The simple answer is to make your salon suite stand out. By making the distinguishing difference between your salon and your competitors, you can provide your clients and new clients with what makes you better than the rest. Creating a difference will not be as difficult a task as you may think, keep reading the following tips should make it easier and if you have any questions contact us 972-691-7300.

Tip # 1

Social Media is Paramount

Making sure you have the right social media business platform paramount to a salon studio. Social media is one of the fastest and ever-growing trends to grow businesses. Social media that is instrumental to this growth is Instagram and Facebook. The vital key to making social media work for the business is to stay current and up to date and consistent. Monitor how each account performs and what content drives interaction with existing clients/followers. The desired impact to benefit client growth on social media is a strong presence by commenting and liking their pictures.

Tip # 2

Start to Finish Customer Service

The unique experience created for your client every time they visit salon suites is essential.  The treatment that clients deserve is the royal one, and this is why clients will keep coming back. They also will be your best referral forum. From the time your clients walk thru the door of your salon studio rental, you will want them to feel special, and there are multiple ways to accomplish this.  The offerings could be some along the lines of beverages ranging from water to sodas to coffee or tea and even wine or beer.  Client unique offerings could be something as simple as, massaging shoulders, offer to curl your client’s hair when finished while explaining tips they can take home and practice.

Tip # 3

Making the Salon Space Rental Difference Clear

The unique talent or skill that your clients fancy is the one advantage, and the makings of the salon studio stand out. As a salon owner, you have something that makes you stand out from the others, and your clients recognize it; this is the reason for them returning. You will want to market this specialty, make others know of your special thing. Start using your specialty and promote your business. All clients want to go to a stylist with a specialty to offer.  If crazy hair color is your talent, then own it!

Tip # 4

Salon Suite Leasing Image

Just because your leasing the salon space doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. Leasing at Salon and Spa Galleria one of the amenities is decorating and creating your own salon image. Image of a salon is essential; this is how clients establish and distinguish you from the others. It is the reputation of your salon that the eye of the public will hold. You’re unique style and personality is the direct reflection of your salon suite image. Display what you’re about to show others your image bold and true to you.

The truer your image is, the easier for clients to remember your salon and more likely to return.

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