Working For The Suite Life

By November 19, 2020Blog
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Being the concierge of suite leasing business model has been very educational.  It’s been an inspiring experience since this girl has no experience in the beauty profession.  To watch a professional individual come in and sign a lease for their salon suite can be best described as winning a jackpot in Las Vegas.  It’s 100% excitement and energy. I have seen fist pumps to non-stop chattering about how they will decorate.

Planning the Suite Life

It is a great place to be watching a business start and grow.  Many professionals have come in with a business plan.  They have goals to grow in their salon suite, they have a strategy, and the first plan of action is partnering with a leader in the business model that will help them grow.  Salon suite rental will provide the opportunity and freedom to meet their goals of owning and their budgets.

Since most hairdressers described as creatives planning on doing a suite salon studio will not stifle the creative side. I mean, the salon suites business model takes all the guesswork out of owning a sizeable retail salon.  There are no concerns about staffing the multiples of chairs, maintenance repairs on the salon expenses, and the overhead cost of a significant rent.  Think of it this way renting in spa room rental removes the number one stressor know as drama.  You know the different personality clashes or having to be seated with a client that clashes with your personal style.  Owning your own salon through rental is the freedom to give your creative side.  As the owner, you get to create your own brand and pick your clients.  Did I mention the money side of being an owner? No?  Let me tell you how does being able to keep 100% of your service pricing if this is not enough to convince you what about using your own products and retailing them.  Your only limitation will be not having a vision big enough.

Best Choice For the Suite Life

Salon and Spa Galleria is one of the largest salon suites rental business in the DFW area.  Having nine amazing and convenient locations with multiple amenities provided your sure to be a success. The Salon and Spa Galleria team has designed the site and suites with a beauty professional in mind. We offer a fantastic lease rate, and ease of access to your salon, HD cable tv, and building camera surveillance safety for both the salon owners and clients.  There is a promoted family atmosphere with other salon owners.  We encourage a strong start to the beauty industry enterprisers.  We provide all the extras that a sizeable retail salon would provide at no extra charge or hidden cost in your lease. When we say we provide washer & dryers on-site, that is what you get.  There is a break area that has a full-size refrigerator and microwave.  Posh settings in landscaping and inside the salon building.  Each suite provided with HD cable tv and washbasin or sink.  Think no utilities. It’s all provided in the rent.  So, here’s the reason Salon and Spa Galleria would make the best choice our weekly rent starts as low as $50.  Yes, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, we see the jaw-dropping reaction on every tour.  So, we ask what is stopping you from making that decision?

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to own your salon suite.  We have a motto “your success is our business.” We enjoy making dreams of business independence come true.

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