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3D Microblading

By November 27, 2018Salon Suites

We are offering a great opportunity for 3D microblading technicians.  Are you interested in an opportunity which will greatly enhance your financial station in life? Call us at (817) 823-7105 if you are interested in what Salon & Spa Galleria has to offer you.

What do we offer 3D microblading experts?

Listen, what we know about microblading is very little.  We leave that kind of talent and knowledge to experts like you. What we specialize in is a business plan which gives you every opportunity to succeed in your profession.  We put you in a physical space at a very low price.  We whittle down your overhead and make it possible for you to succeed financially.  We turn you loose so that you don’t have to worry about the oppression of financial concerns.

How do we do that with our salon booth rentals?

We provide basically everything you need in a physical place to succeed.  You, in turn, provide your talent, your skill, and your customers. It is a winning partnership which has worked for hundreds before you and will continue to work for hundreds after you.  It is the Salon & Spa Galleria business model,  and it is currently working at ten locations in the Greater Fort Worth area with more locations under construction as we speak.

What do you need?

A willingness to succeed and the talent to make it happen!

Let’s look at a current scenario happening at Salon & Spa Galleria.

We have a microblading professional currently working at our Salon and Spa Galleria Fort Worth location.  She previously worked in a beauty salon owned by someone else, and for two years she worked on a commission basis.  She had a loyal customer base, she never lacked for customers, and yet she never really had her financial situation under control.  She simply was not making enough money in her previous situation.

Booth rental vs commission!

Then she inquired at Salon & Spa Galleria about a microblading salon.  She discovered that for one low weekly fee she could run her own business out of a microblading spa provided by us.  She discovered that we provided everything she needed for a physical location, all included in that low weekly fee.  She discovered a locally owned and operated company willing to work with her, support her, and help her to succeed.

And today she has succeeded.  She names her own hours.  She answers to no one.  She is a successful business woman in the microblading industry, and her future looks bright indeed.

And that is what Salon & Spa Galleria can do for you.

No, we are not located in Des Moines or New Orleans or Topeka. We are Fort Worth born and raised, but the thing is, our business model is so attractive we will have you considering a move to Fort Worth just to take advantage of it.

How far would you travel to be successful?

Call the number we gave you.  Talk to our representative.  Arrange for a tour. In our opinion, you really can’t afford to ignore this opportunity.