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4 Tips for Social Media Increase As A Salon Studio

By January 13, 2022Blog

The big burning question – How can I increase my salon studio social media traffic?

In the digital age, social media is a fantastic tool which helps you to stay connected to individuals like family, friends, industry, products, and special interest groups.  As a salon suite and booth rental owner trying to increase your client base, start with Facebook page.  The page allows you to reach a more extensive client base with promoting tools, such as creating ads and the ability to respond to inquiries and questions. The other go-to tool is Instagram IG – which engages following with the more tech-savvy younger generation.

A step in the right direction to drive traffic to social media accounts.

If you don’t have one, then set up a Facebook business page for a beauty salon suites or a massage therapy suite. It’s an easy enough step with the step by step guide created by Facebook. You will want to make a sure and double-check for any small errors like spelling and punctuation. The page’s professionalism will be an extension of your trademark and business. The rule of thumb in the social media world is to remember that it’s not enough to have the page. You will want to clients and potential clients to visit, encourage them to click like and follow. All content post will need to be informative, interactive, exciting, and fun to actively engage people.

Following the next tips will help increase social media traffic.

  1. Promotions and Contest – it has been tested and proven the population engages in beauty product giveaways, saving, and winning things. Promotions provide discounts off services or products. Deals with groups is another way of informing clients of different opportunities to save money.  A promotion to encourage a following of your page is a product discount offers exclusively for your social media account Facebook, IG and or Twitter. IE. Ladies night out discounts, and mom’s day out.

A contest could be set up as a challenge to engage an individual to like and follow your page, then to repost the contest rules. For the engagement, they receive a free haircut or product bundle. This type of giveaway offering will increase internet traffic with attractions to new clients.

  1. Showcasing The Salon Studio Talents – posting before and after pictures is a great way to showcase your salons’ talent. The showcase will not only drive customers to your page; it will also motivate them to the doors. People are always intrigued by transformations and makeovers. Ever think of doing a How-to video or instructional post? The instructional post is a significant driver for social media accounts. The population is always wanting to learn the new and latest trends.
  2. Referral marketing incentive– the whole ball of wax in marketing for your salon is word of mouth. You, the salon owner, will want to encourage the customer to share, retweet, and tag your nail salon suite in a post. A tag is essential for traffic growth. Generate a post that can be shared, providing free products or hair coloring experience for every referral with active engagement from a client who schedules and completes an appointment.
  3. Tags are the most important way to generate traffic, by adding hashtags and geotags to a post will allow access to your page. As an individual’s way of looking for their interest in social media is with hashtags and geotags narrow the search to people in their area.

Salon and Spa galleria provides a webpage for each of its salon tenants with the ability to link all the social media accounts.

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