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4 Wasted Expenses For Massage Therapy Suite Owners in 2020, part 2

By September 17, 2020Blog
What is the image of your salon suite?

Welcome back to part two of the massage therapy suite owners stretching their money with a few two more steps identifying the wasted expenses. Let’s provide a recap of the previous article listing the benefits of being your own spa owner, mentioning the rockstar at the table thought process’ that will allow the rockstar to rejuvenate your pocket with money savings. Again, no pun intended with the use of the massage vocabulary, heck we are we kidding. We mentioned in part one about lunchtime being a great money-saving option. The savings of $50 – $100 a week is significant that is about equivalent to a week’s rental expense. We explained how to handle and avoid being the victim of no-shows, using the day of confirmation habit, and using the practice of an appointment deposit. Simple steps that can save money get you started towards that six-figure income.

Enjoy the reading of the next steps that will help reduce the expenses with no work or spa suites for rent compromise.

3) It’s time! In a Salon Suite Time is money

When it comes to friends and family your thinking will now be different. The family and friends, the ones known as part of your squad when you became a massage therapist are the ones to be encouraged to come to the spa for the same service and price as your clients. The mindset of an owner is that you no longer need the home service practice. You are a professional and your squad needs to pay for the services. We know it was easy to discount or charge less when doing services at home. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable about charging for service since you upgraded. Bear in mind to run scared to charge what you are worth. You worked hard at the branding. The people know as your squad won’t mind paying to support you. Now that you think about it, you are worth everything you charge, you had to attend school and establish the business. When you are getting peer pressure, remember to think of as you work at another’s spa rental space.

To be a successful massage therapy business owner, start thinking like one. If you want to be generous to friends and family, offer hot stones or an extra 30 minutes in time to a session.

4) Back Bar Product Sales

It is vital to establish other sources of income. The additional income sources will not include more work or massage. Utilize that area at the back of your salon suite rental and set up your back bar with products that can be sold wholesale to other therapist or sold retail as a gift set that include a sessions package inclusions. The back bar should be looked at as money on the shelf.

The things that you might place on your products back bar soaking salts, massage lotion, body crème, anti-inflammatory spray, and crystals. Products are not meant to replace a therapist; they are designed to enhance the results the therapist wants the client to achieve. Supplementing income without the extra work or massages, now that is thinking like a business owner.

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