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5 Tips For Finding Affordable Spa Rental Space

By August 22, 2019Blog

Affordable spa rental space is not as elusive as you may think. The following article is written with this thought in mind. Keep reading on how you, as a spa professional, will be able to locate the spa rental space that will fit your needs. After reading and still have questions just contact us at 972-691-7300 and we would enjoy answering them for you.

What is the spa rental space?

A spa rental space is also known as a salon suite rental, or a salon booth rental. It is generally found in a commercial structure which is divided into a number of individual rooms, or suites, which are leased to a professional esthetician, and massage therapist. Each spa or beauty professional operates their own individual business from the suite and pays a weekly or monthly fee for that suite. Now you know what you’re looking for let us show you 5 tips in finding the rental space that is designed for you.

  1. Ask for the Referrals

Thinking about or want to change spa salons, do a quick check with a close friend, or an associate at work can really help in finding a great location spa space. People can provide complete information with essential details about spa locations based on personal references. A social media quick inquiry can also offer various spa room rental information.

2. Be a Cyber Detective

With the referrals, you got from people you trust-and yes, who have experienced the services these referrals provided. Quite a few local salons with spa suites for rent have their own website to reach out to a highly selective individual. Check out their tenant listing and suite model layout. To see if they will be a good fit, review the blogs that pertain to the suites for lease. You’ll want to make sure you have listed things like pricing and suite model layout. Select at least 3 different salons that you can check out in person.

3. Check Out the Prices

When looking for affordable, you will want to consider the quality of the amenities. For spa suites for rent fees should include a budget-friendly range. Facilities in a spa suite should align with what a professional such as yourself would require to do your passion efficiently. Cabinets should be provided along with a sink. Let’s not forget the significant expenses utilities which are included with the rental fee.

4. The spa rental space location matters

This is a decision that would require you to be prudent. Consider one close to your home. The drive would be ridiculous if you got hung up in traffic and your client was at the spa waiting on your arrival.

5. Schedule the Tour 

While your visit, it would be essential that you need to check out the spa’s other tenants. Get a feel of the environment – the ambiance is the vibes you get when you are in the presence of the area. Does it feel like energy, positive, relaxing, and calm? You think it may be meticulous? Maybe, though if the environment doesn’t have the right vibes, your clients will not benefit from your services.

Now that you are done the reading, and you have your plan and budget ready. Make your first call to us, we are Salon and Spa Galleria the leader in spa rental space. We are locally owned with 9 locations in the DFW area. We have what you are looking for and prices that will fit any budget.

Call 972-691-7300 and speak to the concierge to schedule your tour.