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5 Tips to Enhance a Spa Instagram Account

By January 27, 2022Blog
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Ever wonder, how does my spa business get enhanced engagement?   This question is one of the most asked questions about IG (Instagram) forums from spa suites for lease owner. It’s not impossible; it takes effort, time, and a tremendous amount of patience.  We have provided a list of tried & tested tips if you’re dedicated to increasing your engagement.

  1. Make A Spa Instagram As A Business Profile

If your Instagram is not already set up as a business profile, Do the easy thing by switching from a regular spa Instagram to a business profile – It’s Free! The required time investment is about 10 minutes. A business profile provides a contact method within the app for clients to utilize.  Contact buttons such as a business address, call your salon studio, email and appointment booking will appear on the business profile allowing clients engagement.  And the bonus with a business profile is you get the spa rental space analytics.  This makes the profile a complete must-have.

Make sure you use the IG Business Profile step-by-step guide.

  1. Quality Post Made Constantly

IG traction doesn’t happen instantly; it requires consistency.  Engaged followers need to see gradual growth not absentees for 4-5 weeks then a reappearing flood of post that fills up their feed.  Include wonderfully crafted photos for higher engagement.

  1. Return The Engagement Favor

Interaction is the name of the growing engagement favor.  Engaging with other users’ profiles and respond to comments left on your post will build on any massage therapy suite or microblading studio’s engagement nicely.  A point to remember the platform for Instagram is engaging content and conversation.

  1. Pertinent Hashtags Use And Promote

The proven most valuable tool for raising brand awareness and new clients are #’s (Hashtags).  The common use is in the post with no more than 12 hashtags.  The newer options for more engagement is to use 30 hashtag’s in the 1st comment position right after the post shown on the wall.  The point to remember IG reserves the right to decrease the engagements if you are overusing the platform.

The advertising way of hashtags is by initiating contact with potential new followers.  Comments with hashtags in them and liking other posts is an announcement being sent to other users. The engagement will drive traffic to check out the spa’s profile and in turn, promotes expanded engagement with your profile.

  1. Timing Post Means Engagement Opportunity

There is a time for everything, including the Instagram post.  Posting at the right time generates results for engagement.  The business profiles provide this vital information for timing an engaging post. The profile gives you platform access on day by day basis to see the activity of your followers.   A properly timed post shows up in your follower’s feed first.  This makes the post fresh then engagement is a high possibility.  This method does require planning the idea is to make sure your post hits when your audience is most active.  You don’t want to have your post get lost in the IG feed of your followers.

I hope these few tips increase the Instagram engagement for your salon suite rental.   Remember, you have to work to benefit your engagement significantly.

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