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6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop the Salon Suite Addiction

By November 4, 2021Blog
Be a beauty salon owner and not a hair salon employee

Welcome to the new addiction to a salon suite!  Why a salon suite addiction? It’s part of the fastest-growing sections of the beauty salon industry.  It’s a concept that is the buzz-topic of today.  It’s an enticing fantasy for those who want to be a boss controlling their own destiny.  Let us show you six reasons for the addiction and invite you to keep reading, and if you have any questions, call us.

Here are the six reasons to be addicted to my salon suites

  • Ownership: The beauty professional owns their personal salon space. It doesn’t have the significant expense needed for a buildout to open a full-service salon.
  • Freedom: The American dream – be your own boss. Allowing the beauty professional total control.  Freedom from the salon tension and mandatory salon meetings.  Freedom to work the way you want as the salon boss and not the way a traditional salon owner wants you to work.
  • Increased Profits: The beauty professional can build their income through promotional services and building clientele. You will no longer be giving up 40% or more of your income by working on commission.  You can sell the products of your choosing in building a revenue stream.
  • Secluded customer attention: Everyone, especially clients, love the one-on-one devotion. A private salon studio provides peace and tranquility. Beauty professionals will be client-focused without distractions.
  • Self Expression: The beauty professional will have the ability to promote the business with their style through branding and marketing.  They design their salon studio suites custom décor.
  • Family Atmosphere: The beauty professional will be engaged with like-minded professionals that engage in mutual support and camaraderie. Our marketing events support our family of professionals with tools to grow their salon and suites.

 Not being a complete list of addiction reasons, we believe it never will be. The idea is that reasons will always be subject to refinement in the pursuit of the same professional goal: Finding the best for our family of salon leasing professionals.

Salon and Spa Galleria salon managers are engaged by providing education to entrepreneurs looking to improve their professional industry.  The professional enrichment is provided through events that allow the salon professional opportunity to engage the public through social media marketing and face to face marketing.  These forms of engagement move the salon professional business up through the ranks of the grand opening to an established full-service salon.

Our choice addiction is the personal touch that our full-time concierge provides when greeting the family of tenants and clients.  The warm greetings and the smile have become favored. All people that meet our concierge either face to face or by phone find the pleasure of personal interaction.   Then we have our professional and engaging website where each of our family of tenants gets their own personal webpage to link with their website or booking page.  Salon and Spa Galleria and their family of salon owning professionals are the real deal in professionalism and individual client care.

If you are looking for that new permanent home or jumping at the chance, fulfill the dream of ownership freedom.  Contact us now.

Go through the list carefully.  And we wish you the best for your future, no matter what you decide.

For a leasing agent at Salon & Spa Galleria, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105. To reach our concierges call 972-691-7300.