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The Salon Suites Rules of Attraction, part 2

By April 1, 2021April 7th, 2021Salon Spa Blog

Not all salon suites Instagram content is created equal.  In the second part of this series, we’ll provide tips or the rules of attraction for a brand attraction.

Have a favorite brand? Have you been using it for years? Touting how great it is to everyone wanting to listen and in the process, your clients are bored to tears. Your biggest dream is to work with the manufacturer of your favorite product brand. This is the why you decided to leave the commission-based booth rental for a salon leasing ownership. So you could use and promote your favorite brand of products.

Touting the brand consistently and haven’t even got a single like to your post you have done. This means what?

We have a few tips or rules of attraction on how you can get noticed and unlock the doors of communications, and follow your aspirations of working with a brand.  Following these rules, just maybe, you get to be named as the next brand ambassador.

Is The Salon Suite Identity Aligning With the Brands?

The rule of attraction for brand attraction is knowing the best identity for the brand.  If the brand you want to work for is vivid, bright colors, and your posts are tons of neutral colors, it won’t be a shocker if you’re not reposted.  Creating content is one thing. However, you want to create content. If you’re going to work for a specific brand, then you want to create content that is going to repost.  The content has to mirror the brand’s content.

Details, Details, and Detail How The Look Was Achieved

While your salon studio post can state you “used ABCD,” it will have more meaning if you detailed the actual steps on how the look is achieved. Make sure your post includes the genuine products used.  Brands are looking for more than you just like your products. They want to know their products; uses can be demonstrated by you and why the products work.  A detailed post is essential, not only alerts the manufacturer of your brand love, it also shows them that you are sharing your influence and love with your audience.  At this point, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have.  Just a rule note: the trend in social media marketing is to work with micro (or Nano)-influencers – these are the users that have followers in the number range of 1,000 to 5,000.

Tagging Is Still The Name Of The Game

The single most accessible way to have your post found by the brand is tagging your brand in the post. The rule of attraction for brand attraction is to make sure you use all the hashtags the brand uses. For example, you want to work for Pulp Riot Hair Color (#pulpriothair). You want to make sure you’re tagging  #haircolor, #haircoloringinspo #FACTION8; there are many others.  The ones listed are usually the ones listed in the first three listed in their repost comments as tags. Don’t forget to hashtag product names and tag the company in the photo, too. It is easier for the company to see the post. Best believe the company is looking for the best performing tags.

Engage, Engage, and Engagement Is More A Commitment

The last rule of attraction for brand attraction is to make sure you are engaging the brand manufacturer regularly. Showing their post with you love likes and commenting on the post, engage with the brand ambassadors, and don’t forget to respond to its IG stories.  Engagement with all these tips will help increase your beauty salon suite visibility. Which, in the long run, will strengthen your chances of working with the dream brand with meaning.

Stay tuned for the third part for the Rules of Attraction.

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