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A Beauty Professionals Successful Hair Studio

By February 3, 2022Blog
affordable luxury salon suites

There is a specific aspect of knowledge in a hair studio industry that accommodating clients is key to having a very successful business.

We, the team of Salon and Spa Galleria understand this fundamental concept.  This is why we allow all of our salon studio rental tenants the possibility of 24 access.  Do you ask who we are? Salon and Spa Galleria is one of the leaders in the salon suites rental business model.  We lease suites to beauty professionals with a desire and ambition to own and operate a personal salon.  What does this mean to the beauty professionals like nail artists, hairstylists, microblading artists, and massage therapists well whatever they choose to dream of it?  These individual professionals all started with a desire and dream of becoming their own salon owner.  The researched their business plan and wrote it out.  Set their goals up and even designed and formulated their personal brand so they can stand out in a crowd.

Salon and Spa Galleria provides options and choices for professionals wanting to escape the commission-based salon positions.  Partnering with Salon and Spa Galleria with a lease for spa booth rental gives you access to provide excellent client accommodations.  With the weekly rent, you can provide 24/7 appointment hours giving the client the ability to not stressing over making the appointment.  There is also security provided inside and outside each of the 17 locations and provided free Wifi and HDTV with cable service by us for the clients’ entertainment. A peaceful and posh setting gives the client a feeling of stepping into the lap of luxury.

Often faced with two options on career goals, an industry professional will have to think seriously about which options best fit their needs — Commission based salon chair job or leasing a salon suite.  Based on the individuals’ circumstances and goals, the salon suite lease is the fit.  If it is, then there is a guarantee that Salon and Spa Galleria is the right choice for you.  Our team understands the needs of the enterpriser side and the beauty industry side and has taken the time to create an opportunity to be successful.  Salon and Spa Galleria founded on the principle that every beauty professional with a desire to own a salon and practice their own style can be successful business people. Our concept helps individual salon owners provide an atmosphere of the client is royalty.  All their needs provided without any added expense to the individual salon owner.  Our locations in Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, and Haltom City are neighborhoods that have potential and establish growth.  Providing visibility to clients helps our tenants build their salon with ease as part of the community.  Each location will be able to provide all beauty professionals with full-service salon experience.

As an entrepreneur, you will find our provision with short-term or long-term leases with a range from $50 – $265 per week to fit any tight budget — pricing based on the size of the suites you choose.  Best described as a turnkey operation, where you pay the lease, we bring the equipment, pick-up the “overhead” at no extra cost.

We are not only a leader in salon suites rentals; we are locally owned and operated.  To deal with us is like dealing with a neighbor.  Let your success be our business.  Contact us, and we would be more than excited to answer any questions.

For leasing contact, our salon managers, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105.

To book tours, reach our concierge by calling 972-691.7300.

Call soon to find out more about our specials and become part of the family.