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A Benbrook Change of Owning Beauty Shops

By October 30, 2021Blog
Rent a salon suite and own your business in the rental.

Writing a blog about beauty shops when done correctly gives the person creating a chance to relax after a day of solid work and no breaks.  It seems kind of crazy working all day at creating hairstyles and consulting new clients about hair care needs that a beauty professional would want to write about the beauty industry.

The hairstylist and blogger have something in common and it’s not just a beauty salon.  Being one in the same person a hairstylist knows that if you ever stop in the middle of a styling cut, it is tough to finish strong. As the blogger, the hairstylist wants to share some of the essential tips and tricks learned. This is the hairstyling blogger’s way of paying it forward.

A Chance Owning a Beauty Salon Suites

Life gives us multiple breaks and opportunities to make decisions. These are decisions that impact our lives. For a hairstylist owning your own salon is one of the impacting life decisions or maybe more of a dream.  Knowing when it’s time to make that decision is a bit of a choice in itself. How do I know its time? How do I know is the right decision?  These can only be answered by you when you set your goals, and the dream becomes a reality. Since getting your license, a hairstylist has put in enough hours and time working at a traditional beauty salon.  Someone explained rent a booth in a salon is the best way to start. As a stylist, your decision was just that. You have learned to build rapport with clients and develop your own style. And the most important lesson was learning to make a living giving 45% of your income to the salon owner. It’s the time! To move, take the next big step. Become your own boss.  Your passion has grown to something that can no longer be sustained behind the chair of another’s salon owners. Your feeling a bit nervous and anxious knowing you could fail at owning your own salon. We want to offer a piece of advice to start out smaller lease a salon suite.  Keep reading and let us show you why a salon suite, and if you have any questions, ask us when your done reading.

Why a Salon Suite Lease?

One of the fastest-growing options in the beauty industry to owning your own salon is leasing a salon suite.  It could be better stated – it’s like getting your foot in the door.  A salon suite rental option is owning without extensive and expensive decisions.  As the renter, the arrangements are kept to a minimum. Things to think about are location, how to brand yourself, business plan, and grow your clientele.  The big money decision is like utilities, building cost, maintenance, security, leasing space and parking is left up to a salon suites business industry owner.

Salon and Spa Galleria being one of the largest in the salon suites business model leases suites all throughout the DFW area. We can tell you statistically renting a salon rental is a current trend because the professionals are the owners.  They write their own way and destiny. The decisions are 100% theirs as well as the profits.  Think about this way – my salon, my business, my way what could be better?  Nothing you say, we agree.

Even if you sign the lease and business doesn’t go exactly as you expected, your loss is very low. You can re-market, rebrand, and restart all for the same low expense. Success is yours with a few options.

Choose to launch your dream with a company who’s motto is your success is our business.  Salon and Spa Galleria has been doing this for their tenant owners for years. Our approach is to assist you in making your dream a reality with the low-cost rent that fits any beginning business budget.  Rent starts out as low as $50 each week and always running a lease signing special to save even more money.  Salon and Spa Galleria provides the most up-to-date marketing information and shares it monthly.  All the amenities of a full-service salon without the expense.

If we have piqued your curiosity about owning, give one of our salon managers a call.  They will answer any and all questions.

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to lease your own booth or own your salon.

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