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A Faithful Friend In A Nail Salon Suite

By June 18, 2020Blog
salon suite rental amenities are as important as the retnal price

It was once asked of me in a nail salon suite, who is your faithful friend?

I didn’t have to even stop to think about my answer, Lily my nail tech.  She inspires all she meets. She is my and all her other clients’ confidant. She uses to be rent a booth in a salon employee. Believing she had more to offer than standard employee she decided it was time to make the change. That’s when she decided it was time to do a salon leasing business. Once she planned her options and chose a salon suite leasing business like Salon and Spa Galleria.  She signed her lease and started making and keeping 100% of the money.  She was able to perfect her nail technique skills, she has not stopped growing her business.  She not at any one time ever looked back.

She will tell you it wasn’t always easy.  She did have to hit the pavement to try to grow her clientele, and to see her now, it worked.  She is able to book her appointments and make and keep 100% of the profit.  I have even caught her giving one of the clients all her attention by listening as the client explained a very serious issue going on in her life.  As Lily proceeded to complete filing the clients’ nails, Lily quietly offered the life-changing advice.

She even was able to have her friend join her in opening up their own salon suite rental business.  Now Lily’s clients have the ability not only get their nails done they can also schedule with the hair salon for a much-needed hairstyle.  Both businesses’ grant dogs access to their business salon.  Yes, you heard it since both Lily and her friend allow you to bring your dog to your appointment. You won’t have that privilege at a large salon.

I wait for the day when my dog groomer will open up her salon studio up in the same suites.  Think about it my precious fur-baby getting pampered while I was receiving my pampering on my nails and hair.

That brings me to my next best friend Mia Belle my miniature cocker spaniel.  She was a faithful friend and companion. There was any one time Mia didn’t want to play ball.  You could always find her playing chase the ball for hours or just lay beside me as the faithful companion. Like all ladies, she loves her time at the doggie salon.  Bring her to the most special get away from it all place, it made her uniquely happy.  Knowing that when I would pick her up that she would have that human-like quality of tossing and flipping her hair while she pranced out the door. This type of reaction always got a big smile and chuckle from me.

There is a shift in society that is setting a trend that you will find hair salon suites for both people and fur-people.  Pet-loving people will most assuredly flock to the salons that are pet-friendly.  Until then I will keep coming to see Lily and bring my Mia Belle.

You can find trend-setting business professionals at Salon and Spa Galleria.  Call 972.691.7300 to book a tour at any of the 9 locations.  Looking to be a faithful friend to your clients and do it from your salon.