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A Hairstylist Salon Leasing Ownership Adventure

By November 11, 2021Blog
rent a salon suite at Salon and Spa Galleria

There is an adventure ahead for salon suites and the salon leasing hairstylist. We know what you are thinking, what adventure? The breaking away from a salon owners grasps of being paid commission.

After reading this article, you will know about how salon leasing and a salon suite can make a profitable business. Then call us at 972-691-7300, so we can answer any detailed questions.

A Professional hairstylist, like any other beauty professional, will be faced with a choice – be employed or be the boss.

The Boss Over A Hair Salon Suite

A weave specialist can earn up to $600 – $1,100 weekly on a commission based position at a salon. We agree it looks like an attractive earning. Let’s us show you a little more in-depth look at what you bring to the salon. It’s a required must be highly motivated, focus minded on quality customer service; bring all your good energy, provided a flexible schedule with Friday and Saturdays be a must a most of all must have reliable transportation. That’s a lot for the $600 weekly when you do the math it is equal to about 18% of the cost of services. Meaning the beauty salon owner is pocketing the other 82%. Now this formula does include the rental fee of the booth rent. You deserve more!

Here’s a simple formula a sew in service cost about $275 (no additional tracks) full head install, time invested about 3 – 5 hours, back to the formula $275 times 18% equals to $49.50 divide that over 3 hours that about $17@ hour. Oh, wait! You have to do all this on your standing on your feet.

We do know this about you, you are worth more!

Take all those amazing qualities, and with a small investment of a lease fee starting at $50 a week, you can be your own boss making the 100% of the service cost profit. Are you doing the math yet?

Hair Salon Suites For Rent Means Profit

A rental lease includes all the things that can be described as owner overhead. Things like state of the art equipment, utilities, washer and dryer, HDTV’s and cable service, and complimentary WiFi are available for all salon suites. When you do not have to pay for these things separately, you have just increased your earnings by 82%.

The Adventure For A Salon Rental in Arlington

Arlington is a fast growing city. It’s quickly being known as mecca city for young professionals with families. At&t Stadium the home of the Cowboys football, and one of the biggest entertainment venues. Arlington is the world’s headquarters for one of the most popular participatory sport on the Planet, the game of Bowling. Being the city with the first regional theme park in the country – Six Flags Over Texas. With these international landmarks means growing your business will be plentiful.

Salon and Spa Galleria put thought into this mecca city and place two salon and spa sites. That way, there will be plenty of availability for you to become an entrepreneur and own your own salon. So, if you’re still reading, you are well informed. Are you ready to take that step into adventure and become the boss of your own salon?

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