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A Salon Chair Rental VS A Salon Suite Rental: Which Is Best?

By July 5, 2023Salon Spa Blog
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There seems to be confusion about salon chair rental vs salon suite rental . . . or, for that matter, a salon booth rental. What does it all mean? Which is best for you?

We tackle those questions in this article by Salon & Spa Galleria, the leading salon suite rental agency in Fort Worth with twenty-three locations to choose from. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information about our single or double salon suites.  We make business ownership affordable!

What is a salon chair rental?

The idea of renting a salon chair from which to ply your trade is an old one. This is basically the business model for every beauty salon, nail salon, hair salon, et all since the early 1900s. Talented beauticians, such as yourself, rented space in a salon owned by someone else.  The cost of that chair rental would be the commission fee charged. In other words, you would rent a salon chair, you would keep approximately 40% of every dollar you earned, and the salon owner would keep the other 60% as a salon chair rental fee.

But times are changing. There is a new business model sweeping the Land, and that business model is the salon suite rental.

Salon chair rental vs salon suite rental.

Traditionally, if you wanted to open a beauty salon, you would call a real estate broker and have them find you an “affordable” retail location, some building where you could “house” your beauty salon.

The new salon suite rental business model takes that traditional model and shrinks it down to one room instead of a retail building.  You rent a suite, or a double-suite, and from there you operate a beauty salon. The suite is located in a building, like Salon & Spa Galleria buildings, and in that building are other beauty-related businesses, like your own.

The cost of renting a room, instead of an entire building, is obviously much lower, making it affordable for most talented beauticians, and that is why this business model is quickly becoming the “go to” for people, like you, who want to own a salon.  You keep 100% of the profits, as the business owner, but you pay much less in the way of rent . . . and utilities and WiFi are included in the rental fee, making it that much less expensive than the old, traditional way of owning a salon.

Which is best for you?

We cannot answer this question for you.  We don’t know which model appeals to you the most. Do you want to work for commissions, doing all the work but only being paid a fraction of the dollars earned, or do you want to work for yourself, keeping 100% of the dollars earned?

The decision seems like a simple one to us, but we are not you, and you will have to make that determination.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, we are expanding quickly, and we have single and double suites available.  Our luxury salon suites begin at $75 per week, all utilities and WiFi included. Call us and ask for a tour, and during that tour ask us about our free marketing program. We think it’s a game-changer.