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A Salon Rental Owner’s DYI To Soothe a Dry Scalp

By April 22, 2021Blog
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Salon rental owners want to share a bit of DYI for a dry scalp.  Knowing whether you are rocking the best messy bun or your hair is having an ultimate good hair day, dry scalp can put any look in shambles.  An itchy and dry scalp that has the result of dandruff can be the ‘hairdo destroyer’ and make it hard for the hairdo confidence to shine through.  Moreover, the annoying and frustrating itching that comes with a dry scalp can be an embarrassment.

Read on further and explore the shared secrets of our hair salon suite owners causes for dry scalp, from over-shampooing to cold weather.  There are quite a few DYI home remedies, products that are helpful, and treatments that will help soothe the dry scalp.  Trying a few may be what will need to accomplish the right formula that works best.  Our owners want to share the hope for itchy dry relief.  Knowing is the first step to understanding a cause and how best to way to rescue.

Reasons for Dry Scalp

Underactive oil glands in the scalp are not able to produce the amount of natural oil necessary for a healthy scalp. These under producing glands will be the reason the scalp will be dry.  The list below is some of the causes to have underactive oil glands.

  • Use of harsh shampoos (the ones containing chemicals)
  • Shampooing too often
  • Styling product excessive use
  • Weather – dry and cold
  • Diets poor and/or lacking nutrients
  • Fungal infections like Eczema

Dry scalp results are likely to be the results of one or more of the causes. To most, none of the listed causes seem like they would be the reason.  Also, a visit to a doctor can help determine the cause and suggest the right treatment.  Soooo, let’s take a look at the beauty salon and hair salon owners DYI treatments and remedies.

A Salon Booth Lease DYI on Deep Conditioning

To add nourishment to the scalp, use an at-home hot oil or deep conditioning treatment.  One of these treatments, when used twice a week, will appease the scalp. A bonus, using the remedies, will improve the hair. It’s a win-win, don’t you think?

Try a Hair Salon Shampoo

Ever read a label of a shampoo bottle?  Try it! It might surprise you with a list of chemicals, and most of them are harsh.  Ask yourself, is the current shampoo being used contains a lot of harsh chemicals that are the cause of the scalp reaction. Switch to a shampoo, which is a milder formula. Reminder, do not shampoo every day, go to an every other day regime using warm water to wash your hair, not hot.  An enemy of healthy skin and hair is hot water.

 Products to Avoid

Our pros know how hard this may be for some because styling the hair is part of a daily routine, and some really enjoy and look forward to it.  During the healing time for the scalp, avoid using styling products.  When the scalp is healed and restored, the product user can start again. A reminder here is to check your products to make sure they harsh.

Spa Diet Changes

Dry scalp causes include diet.  Whaaat! That is what our response was when our spa pros mentioned adding foods containing vitamin B to help oil production in the skin.  Vitamin B rich foods include whole-grains, veggies, fruits also on the list are supplements.  Writers of health articles will list spice; sugar, salt, and the favorite alcohol are triggers for itchy dry scalp. Avoid or cut out these tricky triggers.

There are many more home or DYI remedies that can be tried.  Salon and Spa Galleria professionals wanted to share some knowledge to help embarrassing dandruff disappear.  After trying one of these home remedies, contact one of our professionals and book an appointment with them.

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