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Ageless Beauty Advice From the Spa Room Rental

By June 25, 2020Blog

Aging is a fact of life, and no one knows this fact better than the spa room rental beauty professional.  We all struggle with the fundamental challenges of getting older.  Among top beauty concerns, we will find fine line wrinkles, gray hair, and falling tress.  Shifting views from society and a plethora of useful new products have made this the best time to embrace our aging.  We consult expert estheticians and hit them up for the hottest pro brands and advice for the up-to-date developments in antiaging.

The Hair Salons Silver Solution

To be absolutely honest, there is nothing wrong with going silver or gray. Gray is a natural part of the aging process of life.  We see evidence of celebrities embracing their inner silver goddess, through Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton, and Glen Close.  You ask, why does hair turn gray?  Blame it on the melanin, the pigment found in skin and hair of humans.  The aging cells stop producing the two types of melanin colors.

A stylist can help with this sensitive beauty concern.  The key to solving issues is communications.  A key before scheduling an appointment is to see if your chosen stylist offers complimentary consults.  Take this time to ask all the questions and voice any concerns about coloring solutions.  A stylist will help advise on the color solution basis on lifestyle needs.  Several options in coloring are adding strands of silver to accent, purple shampoo to boost the silver highlights will diminish the brassy undertones.  Some top professionals would recommend going to a shop and trying on a gray wig to calm the worries of going gray.

Fragile Affliction

Aging slows down cellular turnover.  Decreased rebuilding from the scalp causes hair to lose elasticity. The issue produces dry or brittle locks.  The older we get, the less protein and amino acids production meaning the lack of building blocks for healthy and young tresses.   In the hair studio of top professionals, we find good news, scalp specific services, and products developed to stimulate growth and nourish follicles.  In luxury salon suites, we find botanicals and essential oil-infused products mask products to exfoliate the scalp and revitalize it by removing any excess sebum and nourish dry tresses.

 Stress Less Tress

Approximately 100 strands of hair per day are lost.  Strand loss is standard and not age-specific.  The maturing us have diminishing follicles meaning instead of 5 strands production, and it’s lessened to 1 strand.  This look produces a baldness look to the scalp. The DHT hormone-sensitive people are known to have what we call “androgenetic alopecia” aka male or female pattern hair loss.  When the client schedules a consultation in a hair spa, be their stylist will be prepared to discuss the issues of hair loss and treatments.  The options range from hair additions wigs to therapeutic options, including lasers and hair replacement.

You’re In With Skin

Discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, the loss of firmness, and lack of radiance are a variety of reasons that happen with aging.   Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are caused by a lifetime of accumulated sun exposure and free radicals.   The occurrence of these pigmentations is caused by melanin increase in the skin. Not to worry, you will find many solutions to combat the damage.  Retinoid or alpha hydroxy acid-containing products might be recommended by your esthetician.  You might find treatments like liquid nitrogen to the hydrogen peroxide treatment to effectively remove the discolorations.

Loss of collagen will cause wrinkles in most cases.  The UV light, Fee radicals, and pollution contribute to the loss of collagen — the three of these break down the protein, which in effect contributes to the wrinkle and fine line effect. The loss of the collagen produces a thinner skin effect.  To help diminish the wrinkles by consist use of sunscreen.

Lazy lipid production and dryness are the major cause of dull radiance in the skin.  Stress, UV exposure, free radicals, and friction are further culprits to the loss of the Transepidermal water.  Some solutions that would be offered by skincare professionals are to avoid foaming cleansers. They are strippers of lipids.  Repair the dull skin using moisturizers with ingredients like shea butter, stearic, and palmitic acid all these help in restoring skin’s balance of beneficial fats.

Schedule an appointment with your hairstylist and esthetician to start a plan to combat the aging process.

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