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Avoid A Salon Studio Stalemate

By August 6, 2020Salon Spa Blog
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As a concierge in the salon studio business for Salon and Spa Galleria, I see the burnout and aggravation of the salon studio owners all too often. Here are some tips, I can provide to help you maintain the love of your industry and avoid burnout.

If the phrase burning the candle at both ends describes what you are feeling, let me tell you, you’re not alone. If you feel the going and beyond stylist feels more like your job description than a special touch, you’re not alone.

As a stylist, you’re not only on your feet from the time you open to you complete your last client, it’s expected, for you to shuffle through services and clients while maintaining the trusted salon suites professional and acting therapist. Want to prevent the burnout that comes with giving your all, put in place the next must follow tip.

Set Your Priorities.

Remind yourself that it’s ok not to be that “working machine” to be successful with a salon leasing business.  Instead, prioritize your needs and create boundaries for yourself.  Create a separation between work and personal time by setting your hours.  By setting your hours will give you the space to breathe. Clients and friends will be okay when you take care of yourself.

Stop Problem Clients.

There is no reason to endure receiving a client that routinely creates anxiety in you.  If you are experiencing panic attacks before the client comes in, you need to let go or stop that relationship immediately.  Be honest and confront the client directly and explain to them the relationship on your end isn’t working out.  Soften the disappointment by coming into the conversation with a list of suggested referrals. By no means compromise your boundaries.

Take A Bite Out of Boredom.

It is easy to feel unimaginative if you are stuck in a borderline hair salon routine or in a rut.  Plan to beat the battle boredom or daily glumness with attending or getting to events, workshops and classes. Seek out, peer groups. Joining a group stimulates peer interactions, which can give you that little extra push to your inspiration and exposure to new and exciting ideas.

Safeguard Your Salon and Suites.

Exposure or vulnerability can hamper your confidence and your craft.  Effectively preventing undue fear and keep unwanted walk-ins or keep them to a minimum, start by updating your booking system.  Minimize anxiety at your salon by making sure you have the systems, processes, and safeguards in place. Remember you set your schedule and are the owner-operator of luxury salon suites.

Safeguard Yourself and Charge What You Deserve

If you give the client the opportunity to beat down or they don’t value what you offer, you will start building bitterness toward them and your industry.  Rather than giving attention to their unwarranted call for a discount or stay stationary in your pricing, reevaluate your worth and recognize the value and charge accordingly.  Keeping in mind that the pricing should be competitive, though it also needs to equal all the hard work and services you provide.  Certainly, don’t be afraid to ask for more when the time comes to raise your prices. A reminder – the clients that believe in you will not be leaving.  Pricing yourself to your value will up your motivation.

Are you an inspiring hairstylist looking to expand into salon owning?  Salon and Spa Galleria can help that dream come true and without the large startup cost of a big salon.  Be inspired to start out with mini salon ownership and leave the large salon expenses to us.  Contact one of our two salon managers, 817.917.1416 or 817.823.7105 to schedule a tour in one of our nine locations.