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Back In The Day Beauty Shops

By June 10, 2021Blog
Old days booth renting in a hair salon was a dead end game.

Do you remember back in the day when at the beauty shops, you could find the neighbor lady across the street from your house and your mother sitting under the dryer together?  They would visit the salon only after a week of sitting at the kitchen table and curl each other’s hair and talk about dad. Dad was out working or had left for the week for training at his job and mom would welcome the company and time with the friend across the street. Mother would finish the conversation about the working dad was into and the conversation would always lead into hair and the little paper sheets they would use to keep the curlers from moving or slipping.

The papers were used so they could make the curl really tight and when it was combed out mom’s hair was long and really curly. My mother was smart and really beautiful and I loved her dearly. I know dad had to love her because he worked so hard and so many hours a week to make sure mom could afford the hair salon once a week.   He was never home always gone on business had lots to do and little time to do it.  That was ok my granddad and my grandmother would come over late and mom would explain to her mother why her curls were so tight.  I can remember mom explaining that my dad would not be home until Thursday night or Friday morning and mom wanted to look good for him.

My mother loved my daddy she spent every week thinking up ways to make my dad feel special when he arrived home.  Even if the ways consisted of taking care of the children, keeping the house clean making sure the dishes were clean and floors swept.  The most special thing was when she would go to the salon and spend the time with her hairstylist.  Dad schedule was always being home on Thursday no later than Friday morning.  One Thursday afternoon dad had called to let us know that he was coming in earlier that normal that he had finished the work sooner than later and was able to get on an earlier flight for home. He told mom that we would go out and eat at a restaurant so she would not have to cook. Mom was very excited. She had the perfect dress for the occasion now she just needed that fresh curl for the hair.  She called the beauty salon and no openings. She was almost in panic mode when she remembers that one of the hairstylists mentioned something about opening her own mini salon.  She called it a hair salon suite.

Mom gets busy and searches for a business offering salon suites. When the search shows the name Salon and Spa Galleria she clicked the keys for the website. The website has a menu option search to find a specialist, click goes the keys. Opening up before her eyes was a page to search by name or location. how easy Salon and Spa Galleria made it for her to find a stylist. Mom contacted a professional to set the appointment. With the hairstyle in place, we are all dressed waiting for dad’s plane to arrive.

Dad’s plane made the landing. The door opened and people got to get off the plane. Finally, dad walked out of the gate. He was excited to see us we went to the restaurant to have one of the best meals, ever.

One of the many amenities offered, for the salon owners with Salon and Spa Galleria is individualized webpages.

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