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Beauty Salon Marketing: Small Budget Ideas to Consider

By September 7, 2023Salon Spa Blog
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Traditional beauty salon marketing is expensive, so expensive as to be impossible for many beauty salon owners.  The idea of paying for television or radio or newspaper advertisements is something most beauty salon owners do not even entertain.

All is not lost, though; we have some small budget marketing ideas which you will find helpful. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, leading the way in Fort Worth with twenty-three salon suite rental locations. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information.  We happen to think our business model is so good it is worth moving to Fort Worth for, but we will let you be the judge of that after you read this article.

Traditional beauty salon marketing is out of reach for most.

We honestly do not know of many beauty salons which can afford traditional marketing approaches.  Their budgets just do not allow them to pay for exorbitant marketing expenses.  Consequently, they must rely upon more create approaches to marketing, plus the always reliable “word of mouth” marketing approach.

But what about those new beauty salons which are not established yet? Just starting out, word of mouth advertising is a very slow process, and those small beauty salons, or new beauty salons, need customers badly.  What can they do with a small budget?

Beauty salon marketing ideas which work and don’t cost very much.

Some of what we are going to tell you is obvious; some you may not have considered; all of it is important.

Customer service is the most important marketing tool you have.  Treat your customers like kings and queens and they will continue to come to your business.  Every single customer must feel like they are the most important customer you will see that day because, well, they are.

What do you know about social media? What do you know about search engine optimization and Google scoring? What do you know about keywords and keyword-rich copy which will score well online?  If your knowledge of those things is limited, you need to rectify that situation pronto.   Social media is the most powerful marketing tool available to business owners, and it is virtually free.

One other marketing tool should be talked about, so read on.

The Salon & Spa Galleria way.

The Salon & Spa Galleria business model calls for you, the salon owner, to piggyback on our success.  Our approach is simple: we lease salon suites to talented people like you.  In those suites, small hair salons and beauty salons and nail salons are operated by individual owners. This is not a franchise situation.  You keep 100% of the profits.  You can call your salon anything you want to call it. The beauty of this approach is that your salon is located in a Salon & Spa Galleria building, one located in a great commercial area, one with a large, recognizable sign attached to the building, one which is recognized, by the Fort Worth residents, as a location where talented beauty professionals have their businesses.

In effect, you profit from being in one of our buildings.  The drive-by traffic, and walk-by traffic, is considerable, and once customers walk into our building, they see a directory with your business name on it.  And that is a huge win for you!

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Call us today! We are locally owned and operated, we have twenty-three locations, and we would love to give you a tour of your new business location.  Luxury salon suites start at a very affordable $75 per week.