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Beauty Salon Options for Talented Beauty Professionals

By October 16, 2018Salon Spa Blog
Salon microblading services available at Salon & Spa Galleria

There are beauty salon options for talented beauty professionals out there.  You do not have to continue working, for years, at a beauty shop owned by someone else, earning commissions and never really getting anywhere financially?  There is a better route to take if you are talented, hard-working, and dedicated to being successful.

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Why would you work in a beauty salon?

Listen, we get it! We really do. For most beauty professionals, newly certified and just looking for any old job to pay the bills, working in a beauty salon owned by someone else is a nice, safe option.  It requires very little in a financial bankroll. In fact, it requires nothing but your abilities and your willingness to work for commissions.  It is the traditional way that beauty professionals break into this industry.  You don’t earn much that way, but you do gain experience and make contacts in the industry.

But at some point you will want more than working in a beauty shop.

At some point the old argument of booth rental vs commission must come into play.

A new trend in the beauty industry addresses this dilemma, and that trend is called booth rental. Talented professionals who can’t afford to open their own beauty salon can, instead, lease a salon suite rental, or a salon booth, and run their own business out of that suite.  Instead of taking on the financial burden of starting a business in a retail location, they only take on the small burden of a monthly lease for a room.

See that number up above? Call it! We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we can help you with a salon suite lease.

Answer this: could you afford $50 per week in overhead costs?  That’s like two customers, right?  What if that was your major expense in running your own business? Could you afford that?

Of course you could! And what if you didn’t have to pay for utilities? And what if you didn’t have to pay for marketing? And what if you didn’t have to pay for equipment or security or really anything else? Could you then afford to be in business for yourself?

What we just described is the business model for Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with ten locations.  For as little as $50 per week, you can lease a luxury salon suite and be in business for yourself.  We literally take care of everything else for you other than your supplies and the products that you plan on selling. You sign a lease agreement, decorate your  salon booth rental, notify your customers that you are now in business for yourself, and you open the doors to your own business.

No more working for commissions. No more watching someone else get rich.  No more working dictated hours for pennies.  You will be a small-business owner and be in control of your own destiny.

Give us a call and we’ll explain the Salon and Spa Galleria business plan to you. We will go over all the points with you.

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