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Beauty Salons for Rent are the Wave of the Future

By February 3, 2023Salon Spa Blog
owning a microblading salon

What are beauty salons for rent, and why do we say they are the wave of the future?  We explain in this article; we are Salon & Spa Galleria, leading the way with salon suite rental opportunities in the Fort Worth area with twenty-two locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more information.

But, first, let’s talk about riding that wave!

What are beauty salons for rent?

The term “beauty salons for rent” simply refers to the rental of one salon suite in which an entrepreneur operates a one-person, sometimes a two-person, beauty salon.  In theory, it is no different from the traditional beauty salons which have been in existence since the 19th Century.

Traditional hair salons, or nail salons, typically rent a retail location, large enough so that several employees work “stations,” helping customers with their beauty needs, be it a hair makeover, a massage, microblading, and the like.  The retail location rents at the market rate, usually quite expensive, because an entire building is being rented. In today’s world, that retail lease can be in the $2000-$5000 per month range.  That location is also self-contained, meaning everything needed to employ several “employees,” and to care for several clients, at a time is available on-site.

How “beauty salons for rent” differ from traditional beauty salons

With the concept of beauty salons for rent, we are talking about mini beauty salons, usually one-person enterprises, and each person rents a single suite within a building contained multiple luxury salon suites.  So, in one building, say one Salon & Spa Galleria location, there might be several hair stylists, several nail specialists, several massage agencies, perhaps a microblading business.  All of them rent single suites. None of them are “owned” by Salon & Spa Galleria.  They are all independent business owners running independent businesses.  The only part Salon & Spa Galleria plays in all of this is collecting the rent and providing utilities.

In the case of Salon & Spa Galleria, rents begins as low as $75 per week. Included in that rent are utilities, WiFi, a free HDTV, a web page, security monitoring, 24/7 access, and laundry facilities, to name just a partial list. The lessees keep 100% of their profits, which is infinitely better than working for someone else, in a traditional beauty salon, for commissions as low as 40%.

This trend is not ending, so grab a wave.

Success is the name of this game, and as long as independent business owners remain successful, and there is no reason to think they will not, then this “trend” will not only continue, but will actually become the norm rather than the trend.

Quite frankly, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to work in a beauty salon, owned by someone else, when they can own their own salon, pocket 100% of the profits, and be financially secure.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

If you are in the Fort Worth area, call Salon & Spa Galleria, locally owned and operated.  If you live outside of the Fort Worth area, we strongly recommend you look into this arrangement within the city you live.  Beauty salons for rent are truly the wave of the future, and it is high time you hang ten on that wave.