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Best Locations for a Fort Worth Beauty Salon 2024 and Beyond

By December 21, 2023Salon Spa Blog
Why rent a salon suite? Salon & Spa Galleria has the top three reasons.

Let’s talk about owning a beauty salon in Fort Worth in the future.  Where would be the best locations for that salon?  Would it be affordable for anyone, other than the rich, to own?

We tackle some tough questions in this article; we are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area with twenty-three salon suite rental locations. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information, but first let’s talk about owning a beauty salon in 2024.

The beauty salon outlook for Fort Worth Metro area.

There is no reason at all to suspect a downturn for the beauty salon/ hair salon/nail salon industry.  If it didn’t falter during COVID, it certainly isn’t going to falter with the stock market rising and signs improving for economic good health.

Having said that, it is still expensive for someone to rent a retail location/storefront in the Fort Worth Metro area.  Prices for a retail space for lease in a strip mall or great retail neighborhood are very high, and with available land in Fort Worth Metro proper almost non-existent, prices will only rise in 2024 and beyond.

Go north and south for a beauty salon in the future.

The economic forecasters understand this fact, that land is at a premium, so they see the future of Fort Worth business heading north, into the Alliance Area, and south, into Johnson County.  There is no other logical solution for the lack of space problem.  Fort Worth, which is the second-fastest growing major city in the U.S., must expand outside of the Fort Worth city limits.

And why not?  Johnson County is only a short twenty-minute commute.  The Alliance Area, where the Fort Worth Design District is located, is a similar twenty-minute drive.  Why bother with Fort Worth Metro traffic when there is business to be cultivated just outside of Metro?

Don’t buy a building when leasing a salon suite makes better sense.

Having said all that, the problem of cost of retail space is still a problem. Only the rich can afford to purchase a retail building.  The only logical solution to this problem is the solution which makes Salon & Spa Galleria such a successful business model: Don’t purchase a retail building when you can simply lease luxury salon suites and still own a salon or spa.

That is what we do. We lease individual salon suites suitable for a one-or-two-person beauty salon, hair salon, or nail salon.  We shrink it all down so that it is affordable for an average person, with average savings, to actually own a business.

And our plan is succeeding!

See for yourself. Stop by one of the twenty-three Salon & Spa Galleria locations, one of which is actually in the aforementioned Alliance Area.  Talk to our current clients. We are confident in what they will tell you about our business model.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, and we believe that is important. We are not some huge conglomerate headquartered in New York, Los Angeles, or Shanghai. We are a Fort Worth company helping Fort Worth citizens to affordably enter the business world as business owners.

Call us today!  Salon suites start at $75 per week.  You can’t buy a building for that amount, but you can own a business for that amount.