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Branding Beyond Basics For The Salon Studio Rental, pt 2

By May 13, 2021Blog
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Welcome back as we move on to part two of creating a salon studio rental winning brand.

Recapping on part one:  Learned the elements that make a larger concept picture and the core facets of a successful brand.  The discussion took it a bit deeper into the meaning of your brand, and the consistency makes connect a power tool.  Then tips on narrowing your reach to a specific audience and not be all things limited to just two things.  Let’s get to get this ball rolling on how to locate the salon leasing audience.

Discover Your Audience

Practice this tip, and it will help you develop a dialog for your audience.  Invent your dream client.  Consider the diversity of qualities for the ideal client will have to think about the physical attributes.  What about their pastimes and hobbies?  Do they have any beauty challenges?  How would you describe their top life? Do they shop and where? Do they have a favorite drink? Once created, you then have someone to talk to and listen, too.  Don’t be scared to give them a name.  So your social media interaction – photos, captions, and stories would be in consideration of how the avatar the prejudiced represents the vast audience will respond.  This little role play does help improve meaningful connections within the theoretical World Wide Web of bloggers.

Make It Personal

The brand is not made on a cool logo, alone even though when viewing it, it evokes a bit of an emotional response.  Social media is the salon rental owner used medium at the end of the day.  People want to feel something, so they can connect, receive validation, and encouraged.   The audience can’t get a real feel on before and after pictures. Viewers want to bond with a stylist if there is no sorry.  Have a professional headshot made and use it across all of your social media accounts.  A posting pic rule of thumb is with every ten posts include a personal headshot. Make own snapshots showing some aspect of the salon suite stylist’s life.  Do an IG (Instagram) story or Facebook live will help with the audience develop a get to know your bond.  Storylines that you could build on are a stylist behind the chair reveals and glimpses of the time spent servicing community.  Want to engage the prejudice of audiences to get to the point where the stylist behind the curtain is real.

The What Not To Do’s

So you are well on your way to creating that fantastic personal, even practicing the exercises in brand building the hair salon, our experts weigh in on the pitfalls that are not easy to see.  The pro tips on avoiding the no-nos of branding:

  • Only hair post is a no-no – you want to suggest emotion, not just show good work.
  • Thinking that a significant investment is needed to launch a brand. Trying trading services with other artists.  Professional images to post in exchange for a haircut or any other service. Collaboration builds community, too
  • Copying other artists is a no-no – Originality is key here and shows authenticity
  • Posting and highlighting professional work that is not on brand is a no-no – Post what your audience to engage attraction.

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