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Branding Beyond Basics For The Salon Studio Rental, pt 3

By May 20, 2021Blog
Bridal makeup at Salon & Spa Galleria

Here we are again, finishing off the winning brand for a salon studio rental part three.

So a quick recap just in case you missed part one and or part two: Learning the elements that make a larger concept picture and the core facets of a successful brand.  Took a more in-depth look into the meaning of salon leasing brand and consistency to create a connect power tool.   Part two – discovered your audience practice tip.  Keeping it personal is what gives life to your brand.  And what not to do’s from the experts.

Bring us full circle with part three, are you ready?  Let’s get these tips out.

Show It Forward

Great content is the only thing to be posted.  Edit for visually captivating and clean work, so out with any blurry, messy, and busy backgrounds.  The brands that have built influential culture educate followers in short tutorials.  How to’s tutorials or demoing product video’s, always hit well.  The Gen Z or millennials are too busy to stick around for an extended educational video. Post content in short nonetheless through. Content centered on education not only informs current clients can become a salon suite tool to attract new potential clients. A guidance video on how to blow dry bangs can be quickly made and posted with great and attention-holding content.  Stylist’s sharing valuable information and how to’s free is very appealing to clients.  This develops customers hungry for more discoveries and a desire to learn all by sitting in the chairs.  We see that on IG videos and photos resemble the yester-years with more content posting looked imperfect. Looking undone on the message is acceptable as being real. The updated modern revamp for IG Live has made this a valuable tool, being able to repurpose save videos.  A salon rental owner is posting videos allowing viewers access and lingering on your page a bit longer; this triggers the algorithm change. The change your content gets shown more on their feeds.  Another power tool is the power channel of YouTube; this platform is perfect for sharing techniques and tips. Keep in mind these options require a larger investment of time then IG, Facebook, and Snapchat.  Having a video editor helping behind the scenes is a smart move to produce that craft content.

Tactical Tagging Practice

The essential tool for helping users quickly discover content and messaging is Hashtags.  Hashtags’ ubiquitous nature is precisely what makes a powerful tool in branding.  We urge you to use hashtags and generate memorable personal tags on-brand for your business.  One-Click access to all your work and images.  Get imaginative with lettering.  Use catchy hashtags to have them spring off the content.  There is software available for analytics tools to help brands identify hashtags, and this platform can trigger the most significant growth.

Your Definition Revision

Don’t make the error in thinking that your followers are customers, correct the mindset, and tweak the description to make clients members of a salon studio community.  Uniquely positioning yourself as the tribe expert has the most benefits in growing the salon clientele. When brands lose clients all awhile growing community loyalty, the community will want to see you succeed, and they will spread the word.

We are hoping these shared special tips made using social media more comfortable to navigate the building your brand beyond basic.

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