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Branding Beyond Basics For The Salon Studio Rental

By May 6, 2021Blog
The cost of owning a beauty salon

Sharing advice on the how to create a salon studio rental winning brand in three terrific parts.

Have a head of hair and smartphone; any stylist can capture a pic and poof! Launch an IG (Instagram) account.  This method is simple – branding is a beast altogether different. The influencers the online gurus are successful for one reason: Cracking the Branding Formula.  No established credible online authority grew the hair studio client base or subscriber count on accident, followed the bouts of failure success was often attained. Social media is relied upon quite heavily by the beauty industry. Let’s us provide the tried and true tips on how to create a salon leasing winning brand from the top influencers.  These tips will assist staying on message while promoting it, too.

Let’s venture in, What Is a Brand?  

There is a mistaken thought when it comes to what is a brand. A brand is not a logo or a cool font name written or designed in vibrant colors, and these are just elements that are part of a larger concept picture.  Successful brand core facets are:

  • How you speak
  • Types of posted images
  • How you show up on video
  • The way you connect to your audience

Taking It Deeper                                               

Leaning into a deeper level, the meaning of the brand is determining you are artist or hairstylist and taking compressed contrasting components into a single combined presence that will stand out in the social media sea.  With consistency being key using everything from styling or color to signature looks.  Keep in mind that social media is connection power tool, having simultaneous platforms able to reach existing consumers, clientele prospects and working team members.   Think develop a strong heartbeat salon rental brand to enthusiastically attract the exact people.

Should You Care and Why

To tell the truth:  We’re inundated with online influencers.  Beauty blogger, the online world does need another one.  This reason is why it’s vital that to identify and highlight qualities that make you the hair slayer or master of color.   A free tip – you are speaking to know one if you are speaking to everyone.  It will always be value over volume.  Identify you real life niche’ that you occupy is the same one that you reveal and operate online.  It’s not required to be a jack of all beauty trades, just be a master at one or two things. Find that pivot point for the marketing strategies that once was reared as an overwhelming task and tame it into a proven skill for a pro.  Tags, testimonials and tutorials the elements of personal branding you want wanting to circle back to the distinctive factor that makes each hair professional unique.  Rebranding because the failed attempt to brand inspired by other pages and designs, is ok just do a self-check and refocus on the joy that fills.

We here at Salon and Spa Galleria hope these tips take your Branding beyond the basics for you hair or nail salon suite. Catch our part two to continue through locating your audience and being personal.

Full your joy dream and own a mini salon studio with major salon features and not the overhead expenses.  What are you waiting for?  Still, have questions call us. We have the answers to your questions.

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