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Bring The Beauty Salon Suites Heat, Part 2

By August 27, 2020Salon Spa Blog

Are you ready? Part two of the beauty salon suites hottest thermal styling questions answered.

We will pick back up where we left off. I didn’t want to make you wait like the author’s writing second novel to the first. I wanted you to meditate on the first two heated topics. They were powerful.

Now on to the finish, let me take a moment to recap on #1 & #2. #1 the stance advance – this is where you were to be intentional on proper body positioning. Correct body placement is vital at increasing your longevity with the hair salon booth and quality of life. #2 made for man hair salon – this was to take the shy guy and make him comfortable using beneficial gizmos like the blow-dryer and products. We also recommended using keywords to promote manliness will build customer interaction and upselling.

Drum roll, please….

Heated Topic #3

Leave The Frying To Food

Hair can endure a higher level of heat than any other body part and skin. Though hair is not unbreakable, it is durable. Your advice is a need for your clients on how to practice at home care thermal tools. The salon studio owner advises clients of flat irons and curling irons come with heat setting as high as 450 degrees. Remind the clients that the high temperatures should be left to beauty salon professionals. Explain that as a professional, your method is fast and even avoiding frying the hair. The parallel to be explained is that the hair follicles are like fabric. Silk would not be pressed with an iron at a cotton setting.

The at-home rule of thumb to share with clients are as follows:

Finer the hair, or lighter the color lower the heat, more heat to enhancing color faster the pigment fades.

  • 360 decrees – general temperature – not to hot and not too cold (no frying frizz and no change in texture) Course / textured hair
  • 300 decrees – Finer hair – limited protective layers should always be treated with less warmth
  • 250 decrees – Blonde highlights
  • 180 decrees max – Platinum hair

A thermal Protectant is an essential first step. To prevent product overwhelming, do a consult with the client.

Heated Topic #4

The Salon Suite Six-Step Dos Of The Curlicue

To prevent the overwhelming feeling of the transformation from curly coils to the smooth, silky look follow the simple six steps:

  1. It’s in the wash where it starts. Purge build up with clarifying shampoo, followed by a second wash of a moisturizing shampoo. For course hair leave a small portion of conditioner for the weight.
  2. Rubbing is a skip instead, scrunch and blot with a towel. A rub will rough up the cuticle which adds to frizz.
  3. Get product smart a bit of argan oil added to the ends will penetrate the shafts and gives deeper moisture. If the choice to style curly hair use more product and with blow-drying the curls straight use less.
  4. Create a blueprint to style curly hair. Creating smaller sections prevents missing sections while styling. Doing the subsections first prepares the professional to start the curl stretching process. Always start at the bottom.
  5. Superior strokes with a three-inch round brush with half-inch sections for drying long hair and a two-inch round for shorter lengths and firmly winding hair strands around the brush creating the straightening tension. Round brushes assist with shaping and maintaining volume for the choice of not wanting super straight flat hair.
  6. Close the deal with maintaining one direction blow-drying – root to tip. By doing this, it eliminates the frizz and produces smooth cuticle’s. Lightweight shine spray to lock the style in place is the finish.

Heated Topic #6

Turn It Up

Fine hair infusion of body is an all-encompassing process. Thin hair has to have a bit of investigation done; you would have to ask what is missing? Is it dry? Is it frizzy, what is the cause?

For the dry, thin daily shampoo wash followed with a moisturizing conditioner. For the frizzy, due to pigment treatments or over-processing us a mix product as a good practice, try using a color-safe shampoo followed by protein-based conditioner. Use the method of mixing products because there is no one single fix it all, though avoid heavy shampoos they are volume stealers.

One thin hair professional recommends layering products. Look for what the hair is lacking and do a fill in the blanks. A pro first layer is a lightweight leave-in (moisturizer), then the adding of a grip product for hold. The direction is root to ends will provide max control. The final step is drying, maintaining this as a simple step. Handwork during the blow-drying helps to prevent overworking the hair. More grip can be added at the 85% mark of dryness. The flat mixed-bristle brush benefits the fine straight hair, and the rounded brush are curl likes. When applying the heat work, start by pressing a little of volume in the regrowth part off the scalp. Midshaft skipping and smooth only the ends for the look that’s smooth and not to flat, use of the curling wand with the alternating direction of the spirals. The finish is the application of volume powder at roots and light oil on ends.

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