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Comparing a Beauty Salon and a Beauty Salon Suite

By February 23, 2022Blog
Old days booth renting in a hair salon was a dead end game.

Most people know what a beauty salon is, but a very small percentage of those people know what beauty salon suites are, so this article will compare the two and point out the major differences.  For those out there wondering whether they should work for a traditional beauty salon, or dip their toes in the water of beauty salon suites, this article will prove helpful and informative.

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The traditional beauty salon

The first modern beauty salons appeared in the United States around 1900, even though they had been a staple of European society since the 1600’s.  By the Roaring 20’s there were over 25,000 beauty salons in the U.S., and they have been a staple of our society ever since.

In a traditional hair salon/beauty salon, a salon owner employs several hair stylists/beauticians to work in the salon. These beauticians/hair stylists work for commissions, usually in the 40% range, but they have no stake in the ownership of the business. They are simply independent contractors, “guns for hire,” and the turnover is quite high as these stylists move from salon to salon looking for the best working conditions and pay.

That is the way it has been in beauty salons since their inception . . . until about ten years ago, when a new business concept was introduced.

What are beauty salon suites?

Beauty salon suites a.k.a. salon suite rentals, works like this: A company will rent a building, and in that building they will partition off a number of suites.  Those suites are then rented to beauty professionals, and in those suites those professionals run their own small businesses.  Instead of being independent contractors working for a salon owner, they are independent business owners working for themselves.  And the building owners? They simply collect rents and provide amenities for their renters.

The major differences between the two

The most obvious difference is profit.  Instead of working for 40% commissions, those who rent salon suite rentals, or a salon booth rental, keep 100% of the profits.  They make all of their business decisions. They open their shops for the hours they determine. They are in charge of everything, from product acquisition to marketing to accounting.  In every way they are business owners as opposed to business employees.

Is it any wonder that beauty salon studio suites are so popular in the beauty industry today?  They are so popular, in fact, that the traditional beauty salon is slowly going the way of the dinosaur.

Which leads us to this question: Which sounds better to you, working for 40% commissions and following rules set down by someone else, or working for 100% of the profits and making all decisions which directly affect you?

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