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Facebook Live Can Transform Your Salon Suite Enterprise

By December 23, 2019Salon Suite Marketing
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No, we are not going to teach you how to use Facebook Live for your salon suite enterprise.  There are countless tutorials out there which can do that for you and help you to set up your Facebook Live account.  Rather we are going to take you to the next step, the step which relates to marketing your beauty salon business with Facebook Live.

Who are we? We are Salon and Spa Galleria, an established salon booth rental business with nine locations in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  We know a ton about the salon studio rental business, and we know a ton about marketing.  The suggestions which follow have been tried by our clients and have proved to be effective.

One word to the wise: choose a time for your Facebook Live events which will correspond with a majority of your customers being home.  There is no sense in going live if there is no one home to experience the event.  And make sure you advertise the heck out of each and every Facebook Live event.

Okay, let’s do this!


Use Facebook Live to answer frequently asked questions.  Customers always have beauty-related questions i.e. how do I straighten my hair without damaging it, or which coloring agent is the most health-conscious. Be a source of information for your clients and your clients will grow in number.


Are you changing your hours? Promote it on Facebook Live.  Will you be at a fundraiser? Promote it on Facebook Live.  Doing a free gig at the local nursing home? Promote it on Facebook Live!


We are assuming that you have a website and a blog, so use Facebook Live to answer and/or respond to blog comments. It’s a wonderfully personal way to connect with your clients.


Who better to give tips about beauty than you? Who better to give nail tips, or tips on coloring, or tips about hair care?  You are the professional, and Facebook Live is your chance to stand in the spotlight of social media and showcase your professionalism.


Set up your computer and go live with you cutting hair.  Go live with you talking about why you wanted to be in the beauty industry.  Let costumers see who you are as human being.  “Personal” sells.  People want to make a personal connection with others.  Facebook Live is all about personal connections.


Who better to be the sounding bell of new trends than you, the beauty professional? If you are the source of valuable information, trust us when we tell you that people will seek you out.  Information sells, and in this case it will “sell” in the form of new followers and clients.

So what are you waiting for? It literally takes all of ten minutes to set up a Facebook Live account.  You can certainly afford ten minutes of your business day, can’t you, especially if that ten minutes equates to dozens of new clients.

Give it a try! What do you have to lose in your salon studio?