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Five Inexpensive Beauty Salon Marketing Tips

By December 9, 2019Salon Suite Marketing
5 marketing tips for your beauty salon

The fact that we are about to suggest five inexpensive beauty salon marketing tips should have the attention of all of you salon owners.  Who doesn’t like inexpensive, right?  Who doesn’t want to save money while making money?

We can help! We are Salon and Spa Galleria, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and we do a pretty good job of operating our salon suite business.  We would be happy to share our ideas, suggestions, and tips with you. Give us a call at (817) 823-7105, and make sure you read our other marketing articles on our blog page. We absolutely guarantee our suggestions will boost your salon suite sales.

Shall we get started?

Partner with a non-competing company in your building

If you have a hair-cutting salon suite, who else is in your building? Is there a massage suite there? How about a nail specialist?  How about a microblading salon?  Any of these would make perfect partners for you.  Have a dual promotion with them . . . $10 off a microblading session if they have you cut their hair, and $10 off your hair cut if they have a microblading session.  Work out promotions which benefit both businesses, make up signs, promote on social media, and then do it again and again and again.  You cannot fail with dual promotions.  You can only win.

Reward reviews

Trust us when we say this is done all around the business world.  Special discounts are given on the next customer visit if they post a review of your salon booth services on your website.  They are, of course, under no requirement to post a positive review of your business but, of course, they will.

Customer loyalty program

You see them everywhere, and you see them everywhere because they are effective . . . get your hair styled nine times and the tenth time is free, that sort of thing, it is a simple promotion and an effective promotion.  People love free services!  Think about it this way . . . you make, on average, $50 per customer visit .  . . nine paying visits  will earn you $450, and for that you give one free, which basically won’t cost you anything in labor costs.  Or worst case scenario, it costs you $50, so you are making $450 and giving up $50.  This is a win-win any old way you look at it.  Have customer loyalty cards printed up and get started on a promotion everyone loves.

Donate your services

Auctions for worthy causes, donating your services as an auction item, this is good public exposure and absolute gold in goodwill.  You should walk right out your beauty shop door right now and look for a worthy cause to donate to.

Become an expert

You are already an expert in the beauty industry.   You have a certificate and license which proves it.  Now promote yourself as an expert.  Do a vlog.  Do a podcast.  Do demonstrations at events.  Go on television and on the radio with beauty tips.  All of the media darlings in any business started out with self-promotion declaring themselves to be experts. Why not you?

Now it’s up to you!  We absolutely guarantee increased sales for your salon booth rental if you follow these suggestions.

What are you waiting for?  If it works at Salon & Spa Galleria,  it will work in your beauty shop.