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Five Reasons Why Salon & Spa Galleria Has The Best Salon Suites For Rent

By March 17, 2021Salon Spa Blog
salon booth rental

Salon suites for rent are sprouting up all over the Texas landscape as talented beauticians and health professionals see the wisdom in being in business for themselves.  With so many to choose from, it may be hard to decide on which one is the best for you. That’s what this article is all about, explaining to you why we believe Salon and Spa Galleria is the absolute best opportunity for those looking for a high-quality Fort Worth booth rental.

In fact, we have five reasons why we believe Salon and Spa Galleria is the absolute best, so read on and then call us at 972-691-7300 for more information and to arrange for a tour of one of our TWELVE Salon & Spa Galleria locations.

Let’s look at those five reasons.

A growing, thriving business

Twelve locations currently with two more under construction, that’s what Salon & Spa Galleria has to offer. No matter where you are in Tarrant County, we have a SAS location near you, and every single one of them is located in a high-traffic area.

Thriving? We actually expanded during the pandemic shutdowns of 2020. While so many businesses had to shutter their windows and lock up for good, we expanded. Think about that.  Think about what that means.  It means, simply, that we are financially sound, well-established, and very, very popular, exactly the kind of company you would want behind you, lending support.

Locally owned and operated

We are Texas born and raised. Our kids go to the same schools as your kids. We go to the same churches.  Our central office is in Fort Worth, not New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, and our profits stay in the local economy. This is important, or so we believe.  We treat our clients, those who are renting our luxury salon suites, like friends and neighbors . . . the Texas way!

Best prices in town

What does a salon studio rental cost? The costs in Tarrant County range from less than one-hundred dollars per week to more than $400 per week.  We make this promise to you: our salon room rental will be the best value for your buck, and we invite you to check out our competitors’ prices and see for yourself.

Full list of amenities

What’s included in our salon booth rental price? Just about everything!  Free utilities, free WiFi, free laundry, free security, free Web page, 24/7 access to your salon booth, and the full power of the Salon & Spa brand name included in our low price.

Marketing help

Free marketing workshops! Free business workshops! Continual online support for your business.

And why do we do this?  If you are successful, we are successful, and it’s as simple as that.  We like long-range relationships. We like clients who are with us for a long, long time, so we do everything we can to keep our clients happy.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

You won’t find a better deal, period, end of story, and that’s not some idol boast. Call us, arrange for a tour of one of our twelve locations, and see for yourself.

We are confident you will agree with us, that Salon & Spa Galleria is the best bang for your buck in Tarrant County.