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Get The Most Out Of Salon Suite Leasing Opportunities

By April 21, 2021Salon Spa Blog
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If pressed to name the #! Trend in the beauty industry, salon suite leasing would be it.  Booth rental companies are sprouting up all over the United States, and with good reason: it is an excellent way for a talented beautician, hair stylist, nail specialist, or massage professional to succeed economically and professionally.

In this article, we will talk about getting the most out of the man salon suite leasing opportunities available to you. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, with twelve locations in the Greater Fort Worth/Tarrant County area. Call us for more information at 972-691-7300.

What to look for in a salon suite rental

Let’s look at each of the following salon suite rental search criteria in detail:

  • Cost of rental
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Management support

Cost of rental

This is always the first question we are asked at Salon & Spa Galleria – what does the rental cost?

Salon booth rentals, at Salon & Spa Galleria, range from less than $100 per week to over $400 per week, depending upon the size of the salon booth/room.  As you conduct your search in your city, you will find this to be the industry standard.  Depending upon what you charge your customers for your service, it is then obvious that you can pay your weekly rental fee after servicing one or two customers on Monday, leaving the rest of the week for profit.

Two other costs should be noted.  You will need a business license, which can be obtained for less than $100, and you will need product to sell, should you decide to do so.


Pay very close attention to the location of the spa booth rental.  Yes, you will have your own loyal customers who will follow you to your new location, but you will still want “walk-up” and “drive-by” customers, so look for a place on a busy arterial, and look for a place which is “surrounded” by good retail businesses.

We cannot overemphasize this factor enough!  Every single one of our twelve Salon and Spa Galleria locations is in a commercially-busy area, which is a huge bonus for our clients.


This is really where the “rubber meets the road” in the booth rental business. What do you get for your rental fee in addition to the physical suite?  Utilities? Free laundry? WiFi? A Web page?  Security? How about furniture?  These additional costs add up quickly. Know what you are agreeing to. By the way, everything we mentioned as amenities? They are all included in the rental fee at Salon & Spa Galleria.

Management support

How much support will you receive by the managing firm?  Truthfully, it is in their best interest to support you intensively. They should provide you with marketing support. They should provide you with seminars in business and marketing, like Salon & Spa Galleria does.  Again, they should do this free of charge.

And after that . . .

After all that, it’s up to you! If you are a self-starter and a hard-worker, who wants to succeed, this salon suite leasing trend/opportunity is your ticket to success.

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

We are locally owned and operated, with twelve locations and more in the planning stage.  Your success is our success at Salon & Spa Galleria. Call us if you think you would like to be a member of our team.