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Hair Salon Booth Plus Creative Marketing Equals Success

By December 30, 2019Salon Suite Marketing
important information before you rent a salon suite

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, out of the Fort Worth area, and we rent hair salon booths as well as other salon suites used for other personal care purposes, and one thing we know for sure is this:  90% of those in the hair salon business need to be creative in their marketing approach because marketing is prohibitively expensive.

This article can help you and your beauty salon make more money, and that’s a statement which should grab your attention.  Our number is (817) 823-7105. Call us for more information about marketing techniques for your salon booth.

Let’s get creative!

Let’s look at just five creative approaches to marketing:

  • Have contests
  • Use checklists
  • Have a mail bag
  • Become a podcasting expert
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Everyone loves a contest

Contests are cost-effective!  You could have one contest per week, with the prize being a free hair-styling, or a free massage, or a free nail-trimming, and the return would far outweigh the cost. Make the contest a big deal.  Advertise it on your web page.  Have a poster about it in your salon suite.  Hashtag the heck out of it. The goal is for people to look forward to your contests each week, or each month, and for them to tell their friends about it.  Word of mouth advertising is free and ultra-valuable.

The internet loves checklists

And so does Google!  Checklists are big with internet users and they are big with search engines.  “The Top Five Hair Products” article has a chance of going viral.  “The Ten Best Ways to Promote Healthy Hair” will be read by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of men and women.  Add your hashtags and your website and you are off and running in the marketing world.

Deliver the mail

You will have questions on your web page.  People in your salon booth rental will ask questions. Use those questions  and post a professional “Mailbag” of sorts where you answer beauty questions on a weekly basis.  Keep at it and over time customers will look forward to your postings.

Podcasting is becoming huge

And huge is what you want to be!  Making a podcast is easy. You can literally learn how to make on in an hour.  Purchase a decent microphone, plug it into your computer, and broadcast a podcast about your industry.  Put links to your podcasts on your webpage.  Sooner or later people will be listening to your podcasts while they are working out, while they are doing chores, and while they are driving on errands,  and it is all good marketing.

Borrow marketing ideas

Do this: spend several hours on a day off watching commercials and noting good ideas in advertising while you drive around town. What advertisements got your attention?  What marketing techniques were winners in grabbing you?  Borrow those ideas and make them fit your business.  This type of “borrowing” is done daily in marketing.  You might as well hop on that particular gravy train.

None of the ideas presented in this article will cost you anything, but they will definitely net you more sales.

Give us a call with your questions. We are Salon and Spa Galleria out of Fort Worth,  and we know all about salon suite marketing.