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Have you Ever Noticed A Salon Studio Rental?

By October 21, 2021Salon Spa Blog
rent a salon suite

Have you heard the adage, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”?

How about the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction?

A salon studio rental can measure up to a lot of these statements. What looks suitable to some professionals may make others turn their nose up.  Take a chance to try renting a salon studio. You may love it, and if you do not, that is ok.  Leasing a suite will help you grow to own a business.

The beauty business has trends that have professionals turning to traditional salons to work a commission salon chair rental.  This option is a safe move with a deceiving look for the entrepreneur’s mind.  It seems the option provides the ability to hone your skills while building your client base.  Not so, a professional soon finds out.  The clients that walk-in to the traditional salon belong to the salon. You’re required to sell the salon’s choice of retail products and churn clients at a perceived, efficient pace.  This pace doesn’t allow professionals to build a relationship with clients.

Stop, Have You Ever Noticed

Trends tend to run a certain way.  All too many times, the trends look good, though only the good ones last and recur.  It is that way the beauty industry flows. Stop be different.  Why would you do what you find ordinary?  Traditional salon jobs stifle the creativity you would like to express.  Take a minute and notice you can own a salon through salon leasing. Have you ever noticed the trends falling away though owning a salon studio will allow you to stay up with the changing times?

I used to go to the hair salon and get a fashionable haircut, they called it a bob.  For someone who always wanted to look good, I thought a bob seems nice, and I have to keep in trend style. I was going to a traditional salon to get the in style cut.  I thought it was going to be the cat’s meow.  The professional cut and cut until I had what looked like long, squared hair.  I looked in the mir

ror and disappointment set in; it didn’t look like what I would expect.  I had a picture of a model with the haircut, even showed it to the professional.  I was about to question the professional when I received a resounding this is the haircut you asked for… being dismissed since they had another client waiting for the chair I was just in, I left.

A Joy From A Bad Haircut

In a fog of disappointment, I just knew I couldn’t leave my hair this way.  I searched on the internet with the words find salon near me.  The search produced the name Salon and Spa Galleria.  Thinking that it was an exciting name for a salon spa, I called the number.  A pleasant voice greeted me, asking if an appointment could be made, the kind voice explained a concept I have never heard before.  Each salon suite is leased to a professional beauty industry entrepreneurs; they own their salons.  The concierge that had answered the phone stated she could recommend someone from any of nine locations.  WoW!  I was not only able to get my bad haircut fixed but get one that goes with my facial features.  I was able to establish a fantastic relationship with the hairstylist owner who not only listened but recommended the right hairstyle for my features and lifestyle. I do not go to a traditional salon anymore. I make an appointment with one of the fantastic salon suites owners with Salon and Spa galleria.

Have you noticed the hairstylist that has their magic with hair have their own salon studio rental story?

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to own your salon suite.  We enjoy making magic to help you own a business.

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