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How Can I Make My Salon Suite Client Attractive

By March 19, 2020Blog

The burning question on all salon suite owners’ minds, how can I make my business attractive? We have provided the following tips to help you achieve that attractiveness for clients.

  1. Start a hair salon suite loyalty program

Win the hearts of your potential clients with an outstanding loyalty program. Already have a loyalty program, revamp and add some spice to it and make it notable for your customers. An excellent loyalty program could be as simple as half-off a haircut when scheduling three or more appointments. A rewards program such as a point system or a giveback will ensure clients return to your salon.

  1. Begin networking more…

Don’t be intimidated to get out there and network for your hair salon studio. Join networking groups; there are several websites and social media groups available; some are even free to join. The main staple you will want to bring to the group is business cards and introduce your own business. Networking is a proven way to build your book of business. Truth is the network method works.

  1. Ask for the beauty salon referrals…

Most beauty salon professionals don’t like to ask for business, though if you have a satisfied client, wouldn’t you want them to spread your name? Knowing most clients will, sometimes life gets busy, and a daily routine can make them forget about you.

Don’t just wait for the referrals, use your time to send out emails to your VIP clients who adore you, and have not sent any referrals your way. Keep the email short and to the point. Keep in mind the key is don’t be fearful to ask. Use this strategy to reconnect with past clients that have not been in your SPA for months.

  1. Capture the leads….

You will want a contact form on your website immediately if you don’t have one already. There are hundreds of searching website browsers visit your page to hire you and have no way to contact you. Some customers will prefer to fill out and provide their information instead of giving you a call right away, make sure you have a contact widget. By not doing this, the potential client can leave your website and never return. Some fantastic ways to capture leads is to provide an offer like a free consultation, a guide, or an ebook.

  1. Setup a with a trade partner …

Expounding and Going back to networking. Get out and meet other entrepreneurs who can refer your services through their company. You can partner with them. Perhaps you know a salon spa owner who doesn’t offer facials, a service that you provide. Ask if you can make a trade of services. Building a good relationship with that salon spa owner, they will be inclined to refer you since they experienced your services first hand.

When a client comes along who does not suit your range of services, you could return the favor and refer them back to their salon business. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses.

  1. Use social media deliberately…

Social media is an advertising tool that is free and powerful. It’s giving you the ability to create lasting impressions on your followers/clients. Share your skills and work on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Have you created a new hairstyle? Or instructional how-tos? Share an image on your social media platforms and watch your engagement grow. Think of as the great untapped pool of staying in front of your clients and reaching new clients.

Here’s a tip: the best strategy for spas and salon on social media is to run a contest. Any raffle or competition can grow your customer base tenfold. Do you need some convincing, verify some success stories – search for successful Facebook contests that skyrocketed with results.

Once you have set up, your social media send the link to Salon and Spa Galleria. We can link them with your listing page on our website

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