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How Long Is A Spa Day?

By July 2, 2020Blog
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With the birthdays and holidays around the corner means many individuals will be receiving a spa gift certificate.  The only thing is some have never been to a spa before.  Questions start whirling around your head, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself nor do you want to get the wrong treatment and spoiling the experience of a spa day. Be calm and spa on!  Salon and Spa Galleria have got you covered, read on for your spa day guide with the need to know info before and during the spa day visit.

When should I arrive at the spa?

Being one of the most frequently asked questions of spas that causes some confusion due to it differs from place to place.  The recommendation is 15 to 20 minutes before your booked appointment.  For 1st time visits to a spa rental space be prepared to fill out some paperwork.  Keep in mind that it’s always a great idea to a lot for extra time, due to there may be other guests.

What clothing should I wear to the spa?

This will be dependent on whether your visit is a short day to the spa salon suite or you will be staying the night at a full accommodation spa.  Ours recommend rule of thumb, for the short day stay you will be spending the majority of your time wearing a swimsuit and your robe.  The exception is, treatments such as a massage wear it would be required to disrobe.  The clothing recommendation is a comfortable outfit that has the ease of slipping on and off.

Spending the night at a spa/hotel facility our recommendation is a preplan that will include things if you plan on eating dinner on location.  The good idea is to bring an outfit that will fall in line with the establishment dress code.  Dispel all doubts with one simple call to the reception desk.

What other things should I bring to the spa?

For the massage therapy suite treatment, we would recommend comfortable loose-fitting clothing or a workout outfit.  Verify if the facility has other full-service spa services activities.  We recommend for the gym, hot tub or sauna activities wear a gym outfit with comfy trainers, also bring a packed light bag with an extra towel and an additional swimsuit to change into between activities.

Most spa rooms for rent grapevine provide you with towels, a pair of slippers and a robe at the time of scheduled appointment time.

What should my expectations be for the treatments at the spa?

A majority of the salons in grapevine will start with a consultation with the professional specialist.  Always remember it’s your choice to work with a male or female.  The specialist will explain the treatment, the use of techniques and any specific areas you want them to focus on.

After the consultation is completed, you will be lead to the treatment room by your specialist.  The specialist will inform you if you will need to disrobe.  Don’t freak out, all professional are respectful of the personal privacy of each client.  The specialist will always step out of the room while you undress and lay down on the table.  A cover will always be provided for body draping and the professional will only uncover the areas to be worked.

What are the best treatments at the spa?

This question is probably the hardest to give a recommendation because we like them all.  This is left up to you and what experience you are looking for in your 1st spa visit.  The general recommendations from which you can choose are massages, body treatments, and facials.

This completes our simple guide to answer all your 1st time at the spa questions.  Now put on those comfy clothes and indulge in one of the amazing experiences.

As the spa professional providing the indulgent services like facials, massages, and body treatments, you want to provide that amazing spa experience, right? Want to own your own spa?  Let Salon and Spa Galleria salon manager help make your dream come true.  Contact our salon managers at 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105 to schedule a tour at one of our salons, you only have 9 DFW locations to choose from.