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How to Attract New Customers to Your Beauty Salon Suite

By November 4, 2019January 6th, 2020Salon Suite Marketing
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You have your own beauty salon suite! Congratulations!  You have a list of loyal customers who would follow you anywhere.  Congratulations again! They are your foundation, you can most likely always count on them, but are they enough?  Most salon suite owners want to expand their business, and that means attracting new clients to your beauty salon suite.

And that is the purpose of this article!  Herein we give you five suggestions which will help you to expand your customer  base and ultimately make you more money.  Read on, and if you have any other questions, you can always call us at (817) 82307105. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we know a thing or two about a salon booth lease.

Increase word-of-mouth

You can increase word-of-mouth advertising by doing one simple thing: you can continue to give excellent service to your existing customers.  Never, ever take them for granted. They are your bread and butter, the cement which holds you business together.  Treat them special and they will go out of their way to tell others about you.

Connect with large local companies

Every community has one or two of them, large local companies which employ a large number of local citizens.  Why not put together a promotion for XYZ Corporation, with specials offered to their employees, one day only, or possible one week only.  It is a great way to spread goodwill throughout your local business community, another form of networking.

Add on to existing treatments

This is a good way to expand your existing business, but it will also bring in new customers as well.  Offer an incentive with an existing treatment, like a complimentary conditioning treatment with every coloring appointment.  Yes, it is a complimentary treatment, but a percentage of those freebies will turn into paying treatments down the road, and the great offer will bring in new customers.

Get involved

Charities, fundraisers, career days, fashion shows, conventions, all of these events have future customers attending them. Set up a booth if possible. Donate your services for a school raffle or a “Find A Cure” event.  People generally support familiar faces.  Become a familiar face in your community.

Recommend a friend

Yes, this does work.  Give a discount to current customers if their recommendation leads to more business.  Let your loyal customers do the advertising for you, and essentially pay them to do it.

And a bonus . . .

One more for good measure: keep a calendar with special events and holidays marked on it. Those days are target dates for a social media blitzkrieg.  Start a month in advance of any large calendar event. The social media is your friend, so use it to your advantage.

How many new customers will these suggestions garner you?  It’s hard to put a number to it, but each new customer is another loyal old customer if you have talent and personality, and each loyal customer is a walking advertisement for you.

Now get out there and find some new business and again, if we can help you, give us a call.  The folks at Salon and Spa Galleria know a thing or two about beauty salon leasing.