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How To Rent A Salon Room

By April 9, 2020Blog
A salon room rental is a sound financial decision

Should I rent a salon room? Is the question that has been bouncing around your thoughts for the future? Don’t wait any longer make that move to becoming your own boss. Are you saying, how or where do I get started on renting? After reading the following how-to steps, should have any more questions call 972-691-7300

Step 1

How much to pay –

Decide on how much you want to pay in rent. A simple mathematical rule is the 30 percent rule. Take your annual gross or potential income, multiply it by .30, then divide by 12. Another formula simply put, is to divide the yearly gross income by 40, to determine the maximum rent amount you will want to pay. Your search parameters should be at or below this amount limit because salon/studio landlords are not likely to negotiate a lower rent, if in an area where affordable rentals are uncommon.

Step 2

Find the right fit –

Knowing there is a variety of salon space for rent available:

Mini salon suite

Booths or Private suites

Barber stations and suites

Nail technician salon rooms

Makeup stations

Private spa rooms for eyebrow/eyelash boost, tanning, and waxing

Any of these terms can be entered in a search engine. Also, while typing in your search, you will want to put in location, i.e., salons in Arlington.

Step 3

Refine your choice –

Once your search has given you several listings. Things to look for are they locally owned and operated location neighborhoods and any rental move-in specials. You will want to seek out a listing of features and amenities offered. Some of the features in a salon rental would look for are things like parking area, suite square footage, location vibe, and building and maintenance. Lease pricing is significant at this point; it could be the make or break of the deal.

A price starting as low as $50 a week is suite decision. No, pun intended ok maybe a little. You will find just that with Salon and Spa Galleria pricing that will fit any budget. Your success is very important to you and us, that is why we are a leader in affordable pricing salon suites. We take the suite life seriously; we have designed all our locations around the life of a beauty professional, such as you. We provide luxury in a rented salon room that will not break the bank.

Step 4

Closing the Deal

Now that you have completed your research and made a couple of choices, it’s time to close the deal. The next thing that will require your attention is an onsite visit. Can you say tour time? Call the locations set up a time with the salon manager to do the walk thru tour. We are firmly convinced that one of our 9 DFW locations will make the cut. Once you have found your suite dream, the last thing is all you have to do is sign on the dotted line. Now you are officially a salon room renter owning your salon business.

Here’s your reminder to get to your future suite life, call 972-691-7300, and set up a tour. Salon and Spa Galleria will have the best fit for you in salon suites and booth rentals.