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Hulen Hair Salon Suites for Rent

By November 11, 2020Salon Suites
rent a salon suite at Salon and Spa Galleria

Before beginning your search for Hulen hair salon suites for rent, we suggest you read this article.  We think it’s important that we discuss what you need to provide if you should go into business for yourself as a hair stylist.

“We” are Salon & Spa Galleria, with sixteen locations in the Greater Fort Worth/Tarrant County area.  Call us at (817) 917-1416 for information about our Salon and Spa Galleria Hulen.  From that location we cover the following areas:

  • Hulen
  • Benbrook
  • Granbury
  • Fort Worth
  • Aledo
  • Whiskey Flats
  • Cresson

But before we talk about our Hulen booth rental opportunities, let’s talk a bit about what you need to bring to the table regarding a sole proprietorship.

What you need to run a business (barber shop/salon/beauty salon)

In compiling this list, keep in mind that we are drawing upon our experience in this industry, and in particular our experience with Salon & Spa Galleria.  It may not be the same if you should rent a Hulen hair salon from some other company. This, then, is what we believe is important for you to have.

A strong work ethic – perhaps you have worked in a beauty salon owned by someone else in the past.  It’s a comfortable situation because all you have to do is show up daily, work your appointments, and go home.  You are not required to worry about financial matters of the business, nor are you required to worry about marketing or product procurement or any of the other management duties of a business owner.  Not true when you rent a salon suite from us.  You are the business owner.  You are the bookkeeper.  You are the marketing department.  The amount of business you obtain is directly related to the amount of work you put into it.  – period!

Confidence in yourself – the whole show depends upon your abilities.  Success depends upon your belief that you will win over time. Your financial stability, during tough economic times, depends upon your.

Provide great service – much of your success will depend upon you providing a great product i.e. service!  Advertising and marketing are wonderful, and important, but without a quality product you will not have return customers and you will not receive word-of-mouth advertising, both of which are crucial to sustained growth and success.

Nuts and bolts of business – you will need a business license.  You will need insurance.  You will need to decorate your salon suite and you will need to procure product to sell from your business.

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Now that we’ve talked about you, let’s talk about us for a moment.  Our job, and it is a job we do well, is to provide a luxury salon suite.  But beyond that, we believe our job is to also provide you with a strong foundation from which you can build your business.  With that in mind, we provide the following:

  • Low rental prices (starting at $50 per week at select locations)
  • Free utilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Free marketing workshops
  • Free business workshops
  • Access 24/7
  • Security monitoring
  • Ample parking
  • Great location
  • Free HDTV
  • Furniture if needed
  • Free laundry facility
  • And the power of the Salon & Spa Galleria name

We are the fastest growing salon provider in Tarrant County, and we invite you to call us, arrange for a tour, and discuss your future.

Pick up the phone!