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Is A Salon Suite Rental A Good Idea After COVID?

By November 17, 2021Blog
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Is a salon suite rental a good idea post-COVID? We are asked this question quite often these days, as 2021 transitions into 2022, so today we will attempt to answer it.  We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twelve salon studio rental locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 to arrange for a tour of one of our facilities.  Now, let’s answer some tough questions about COVID and owning a business post-COVID.

A salon suite rental is low-risk

Compared to many start-up business opportunities, a salon suite rental, or salon booth rental, is low-risk.  The initial start-up costs are low.  You are not leasing a retail property, per se.  You are not taking on a large amount of debt.  You are going to pay a low, weekly rental fee for the salon suite, and you are going to pay for a business license and business cards.  If you rent from a place like Salon & Spa Galleria, the utilities will be included in the rental, as will be a number of other amenities.

The quick estimate, based on our average client, is a start-up cost of $500-$1000, certainly not an exorbitant amount, and certainly doable for anyone with an existing customer/client list.

The market, right now, is excellent.

The beauty industry is somewhat depression-proof.  People like to be well-groomed. Professionals must keep up their appearance.  Even stay-at-home types enjoy the pampering of a hair styling or a massage or a nail once-over.  Depression, recession, or slight slow-down in the economy, none of them seem to affect the beauty industry.  We would submit to you that now is an excellent time to go into business for yourself, on a small scale, in a low-risk environment like the one offered by Salon & Spa Galleria.

Take care of core customers and build your client list

You surely have a customer list already.  Start with that and build, and you will build as word spreads about your expertise and great customer service.  Your success is controlled by you, quite frankly.  It is our firm belief, at Salon & Spa Galleria, that you will succeed if you are a hard-worker, if you offer great customer service, and if you are a self-starter.  We are confident of this because we see it happen day in, day out, in all of our Salon & Spa Galleria locations.

The race is won by slow and steady in a salon suite rental

There is no rush as we approach 2022.  We know, we know, you are anxious for success, but we really believe that slow and steady is the key to success post-COVID.  Take your time; do not overextend yourself; set a budget and stick with it; and grow slowly and manageably.

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Here’s all you need to know about Salon & Spa Galleria: during the worst of the pandemic, our store location increased.  While many other businesses were shuttering their doors during the recession, we grew in size.  Obviously, our business model is working quite well.

We are locally owned and operated, we are growing at a rapid rate, and we want you on our team. Call us today about a great business opportunity of a salon suite lease with your name on it.