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Is A Spa Room Rental Right For You?

By December 15, 2021Blog
Renting a spa at Salon & Spa Galleria is a great decision.

At first glance, the title of this article, “Is a spa room rental right for you,” might appear to be a challenge.  We do not mean it as such.  We truly believe that there are people who are perfectly suited for owning their own business, and we also believe there are beauty professionals, wonderfully skilled, who will fail miserably as business owners.  We have seen it in the past, and without a doubt we will see it in the future, and we would like to make sure you are not one of those failures.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twelve spa rental locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 and we can arrange for one of our leasing agents give you a tour of SAS and talk to you about the many amenities available.

But now, let’s talk about you!

Are you a self-starter?

When you rent salon suites for rent, and become a business owner, you are the boss.  You make all of the rules.  You name the hours.  And you show up, day in and day out, in good times and in bad, to do the work necessary to succeed. There will be no one above you encouraging you. There will be no one above you pushing you to do better. The buck stops, in your mini-beauty shop, with you.

Are you a hard-worker?

When you rent a salon suite, or salon booth rental, there is no such thing as a 9-5 job. Even if your hours of business are 9-5, you will then go home, at the end of the day, and do paperwork and work on marketing campaigns and follow-up with social media.  If you are success-driven, you will be facing many a long day when you open your own business.

Are you willing to leave nothing on the field of competition?

Truth be told, renting a spa room rental is not a huge investment.  Most of our clients at Salon & Spa Galleria open their businesses with a fairly small investment of a thousand dollars, perhaps two-thousand.  If they fail, if their business fades into the sunset, they are not out that much money, and they can always find a new job working in someone else’s beauty shop.

So, the motivation to succeed, and win, must come from within.  Our most successful clients are people who do not like being #2, or #3, or #10. They want to be known as the most successful hair stylist, or massage specialist, or nail professional, in the city.

Do you have a solid, loyal customer base for your spa room rental?

It is very hard to start from zero in a highly-competitive industry.  Our successful clients began their journeys with a solid base of loyal customers.  In other words, they had a guaranteed income base before they opened the doors on Day One.

Are you known for your customer service and people skills?

What is the best marketing tool you can have as a business owner? Be great with people and provide a quality product or service.  Word will spread from customer to potential customers, if you have game, and if you don’t have game, negative word will also spread quickly.

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Twelve locations with more in the planning stage, Salon & Spa Galleria leads the way in quality, attractive, and successful spa room rental opportunities. Call us today and we will put you on the Road to Success.