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Junmei Guan May brings Teatree Aromatherapy Salon & Spa Galleria

By December 26, 2022Press Releases
Junmei Guan May brings Teatree Aromatherapy to Salon & Spa Galleria Weisenberger in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, Texas-  December 22, 2022 – Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could reduce your anxiety, or simply wanting to achieve a greater feeling of well-being? Maybe you’ve tried this or that – perhaps even things that left you with more anxiety. There are so many would-be answers to life’s problems in the world.


Well, have you ever heard of Aromatherapy?


Junmei Guan May of Teatree Aromatherapy can tell you what it is. In fact, they studied it at school back in New York City. And with four years in the industry, they can speak about it with the utmost confidence as the owner of Teatree Aromatherapy at Salon and Spa Galleria Fort Worth.


“Aromatherapy has been around for at least hundreds of years,” said Junmei Guan May. “Some call it an ancient art, and like most ancient arts, it’s still around for a reason.”


That time-tested reason, of course, is that an amazing benefit can be derived from the use of essential oils and other aromatic compounds. Breathe them in, and the essence of these oils goes straight to the brain, where these sweet floral scents go to work on your amygdala.


“Home of your emotions,” smiles Junmei. “These oils know what they’re doing.”


The way such fragrance therapy can alleviate depression is truly a wonder. Don’t be surprised if it puts a spring in your step simply when you walk past the door of Teatree Aromatherapy.


“Of course, don’t just walk by, walk in – appointment first,” chimes in Junmei. “Once you hear from friends how I’ve helped them relax and reduce their stress, you’ll be texting me, too.”


Junmei’s aromatherapy specialty? What else in this day and age – headache relief. “As I say, I like to help people.”


Teatree Aromatherapy at Salon and Spa Galleria Weisenberger is currently offering a $10 discount as a promotional for new clients.


Do your olfactory sense a favor. Want to feel better? Book today!


About Teatree Aromatherapy

Located inside Salon and Spa Galleria Weisenberger in Suite 164, Teatree Aromatherapy is by appointment only. For an appointment, text (682) 408-6645.


About Salon and Spa Galleria

Salon & Spa Galleria is one of the fastest-growing privately held salon studio rental salons in the United States with 21 locations offering salon suites designed for independent beauty and wellness professionals. To inquire about the best salon booth for rent Fort Worth offers, visit the salon chain’s website.