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Keep Everything Ready Hair Salons

By February 11, 2021Blog
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Hair salons are like being in scouting. You know the girl or boy scouts they taught preparedness. They learn how to keep everything ready for different tasks. Keeping it ready is an essential skill to learn for impromptu moments.  I find myself holding a small travel bag prepared with a change of clothes and nightly essentials, for those last-minute road trips. Over time being prepared pays off like putting money back, which will be one thing that will mean success.

Know Your Budget

If you desire something, like opening your own hair studio, you will want to take steps to make this dream come true.  One of those is putting back money.  You can start by setting and establishing goals, both long term, and short term.  A budget would be the first step in the right direction; don’t stretch it too far.  Once you have set up a budget, you will want to stay within the budget. It might mean the sacrifice of things and live within your means.

Learn what’s the monthly take-home amount, then you will know the can do’s or not do’s of spending.  Sometimes there is more month than income, meaning that it will require a taskmaster’s attitude to make sure living within the means happens and won’t derail the goal.  Projection like preparedness knows all the expenses, including charitable contributions to set the budget.

The Feels for Salon Suites Self Employed

When you are self-employed, sometimes you feel like everything and everyone is fighting against you. You ask yourself, ‘am I traveling uphill barefooted in three feet of newly fallen snow?’ in all directions at once.  It’s cold, and it’s hard, you begin to wonder why you left the job where everybody knew your name and everyone was glad you came.  You think that you must be insane! It hits you; it’s now your game. We know it sounds like a country song.

You call the shots, set the schedule, order product, ask for discounts, pay the bills, and make all the boss decisions.  You set the time to take breaks and set work hours.  You are the hair salon suite owner. You enjoy everything about the title of the owner.  Well, maybe everything, except for taxes.

No Stopping The Prepared Salon and Suites

So you clean your salon, straighten up your things, clean, disinfect, and sharpen your tools to be ready for anything.  Get everything prepared because the clients will come, and they need you at the drop of a hat.  Here might be some suggestions: read everything you can and stay current on the beauty industry to be prepared the change in client requests. Know the things going on in the world outside the salon makes for outstanding conversation and it helps build the relationship.

Keep your scissors sharp at all times and your clippers clean.  Choose a location for the hair salon you own.  And success is yours to the making.

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