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Keeping Your Business And Clients Safe From COVID-19

By March 19, 2020covid19

During the growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we at Salon and Spa Galleria understand that there is a lot of uncertainty and fear encompass the unknown.  The Salon and Spa Galleria family is on top of monitoring the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and staying in the know with government information and providing the best practices for our family of salon suites owners.  Our mission is to offer you the best support for our community during this time.

Here are some tips on how to keep you, the clients, and salon rental family healthy:

  • CDC Safety Standards

Be encouraged to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) interim guide to employers and businesses plan, prepare, and respond to Coronavirus.  The guide is continuously updated as more information and data become available.


  • A positive stay home encouragement to sick clients and yourself

As part of the Salon and Spa Galleria family protecting everyone is encouraged by reassuring everyone to stay home if any person is experiencing signs of fever or symptoms of acute respiratory illness.


  • Cancellation Fees waiver offer

Post or email a notice to your clients that your and our priority of concern is their health/wellness, and you will waive any cancellation fees during the Coronavirus imposed epidemic.  We understand the cancellation fees are essential in setting the standard for scheduling respect, though your clients will appreciate your priority action to ensure their safety and health.


Practicing health safety will not only help you, your family and the Salon and Spa Galleria family avoid coming in contact with Coronavirus, but it will also assist with preventing the flu, which is currently circulating with other springtime colds.  Clients want to know that all precaution is being taken by you and your salon studio family to a keep clean and disease-free location.  Providing a reminder with an email note or social media post will assure healthy clients that your salon suite will be safe to come in for an appointment, providing an option of cancellations.  Sounds crazy right, contrary to what you believe – offering cancellations might reduce cancellations since the world as a whole is upside down.


  • Sanitize, disinfect and clean regularly

The Salon and Spa Galleria family has established a routine to clean frequently touched surfaces in our locations. We encourage you set a cleaning routine for your salon suite space including the whole workstation area, sinks, tools, doorknobs, credit card processor, reading materials, and drink and snack stations.  We recommend using disinfecting sprays and disposable wipes making it convenient and easy to wipe things down more often than usual during this time.  Seeing a pack of Lysol Spray or Clorox Wipes gives clients a better feeling of safety in small spaces.


  • The Hand sanitizer or soap offer

As a family we all use shared bathrooms.  We all want to do our part to protect family members as well the clients that visit.  It would be a hope that all folks are washing their hands; it’s always a great reinforcement making sure clients’ hands are being sanitized in all salon rental spaces.  A good idea to encourage the healthy practice is making sure hand sanitizer of some kind is available in your salon suite or spa rental space. Offering a spray or gel hand sanitizer which contents include at least 60% alcohol will provide the best results. By the sinks, an anti-bacterial hand soap is available for another safe zone. The presence of hand sanitizer out on the counter offers that extra comfort of safety for everyone. Taking these extra steps let’s everyone know that they are in a safe, clean place.


  • Keep your salon suite rental family safe and ensure a COVID-19 free zone

Salon and Spa Galleria is committed to keep communications available with up-to-date information.  Information will assure your clients all of us are taking the extra precautions. Stay flexible in scheduling will ensure that everyone is safe and healthy when they visit.   Staying informed with the COVID-19 and government-issued precautions give your clients peace of mind.  In your client updates include things like:

  • The reminder that the disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning are done routinely making a safe and healthy family space.
  • Waiving cancellation fees, for any family member feels under the weather.
  • The reminder the CDC health and safety standards are followed by all of the Salon and Spa family.
  • Offer a little extra to their treatment like information for immunity boosters and/or preventive herbal teas during their visits.

Running a family safe, healthy and clean place during this time of trial will be a gift to the families and community. Providing a stress free and relaxed haven will prevent panic and anxiety while your client escapes the madness and hype.  We are better together, ensuring a family first health safety approach while working towards ending the COVID-19 epidemic.