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Making Money in Microblading: By the Numbers

By December 8, 2023March 13th, 2024Salon Spa Blog
microblading salons for rent at Salon & Spa Galleria

If you are considering starting a microblading business, this article should be of help to you.  In it we will talk about the potential income, the costs involved, and a solution we believe is the only logical approach for first-timers.  We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twenty-three affordable salon suite rental locations. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information and to speak to a leasing agent to arrange a tour.

Now let’s talk about microblading.

The inherent problem with a microblading business.

Stated simply, microblading is a very selective service.  At an average of $500 per treatment, it is cost-prohibitive for many people, and the fact that one treatment can last for as long as three years means visits from repeat customers are measured in years rather than months, as is often the case in a beauty salon or hair salon.

All of this mean you really need to do some serious market research to find out if your town or city can support a microblading business.  How many potential customers are there in your area?  In a city like Fort Worth, approaching one-million in population, about 50% of whom are women (the most common microblading customer), there is a much larger potential market, but even Fort Worth will have a saturation point if too many microblading salons open their doors for business.

The cost of starting a microblading business.

Let’s talk cost.  Opening any retail business means renting a retail location, furnishing that location, paying for utilities, paying for signage and other incidentals, and that is before you even open your doors for business.  It is not out of the question that you would need, at the very least, ten-thousand dollars simply to prepare your microblading suite for Opening Day, and the monthly overhead could easily be a couple thousand dollars.

Cost-prohibitive for most first-timers? Most definitely, which explains why there are so many independent contractors working for commissions in beauty salons owned by someone else.

Potential income and an inexpensive approach.

So, what is the potential income?  Using $500 per visit as a gauge, one customer per day would gross you $2500 per week, but we caution you with that sort of thinking.  Finding one customer per day, in your market, may not sound extreme but may, in fact, be difficult to do.

Which leaves us with the aforementioned “working for commissions” in someone else’s beauty salon, or taking a different route, one which is rapidly gaining in popularity, and renting a salon studio at an agency like Salon & Spa Galleria.  This option still allows you to own microblading spa, but at a much smaller cost investment and with a much smaller monthly overhead cost.

How much less? At Salon and Spa Galleria, microblading salon starts at a very low $75 per week, and that cost includes almost all of your overhead, including furniture if needed.  You would need to provide your own professional implements but still, the cost is considerably less, meaning you would be able to stay afloat, in the beginning, with very few customers.  Then, as your service gains popularity, your income will slowly rise, reflecting that popularity.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated. Call us and ask us about our 26-step marketing plan, which is included in your lease fee.