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Massage Space for Rent in Fort Worth: We Have Twenty-Three to Choose From

By March 21, 2024Salon Spa Blog
massage space for rent in Fort Worth

If you are looking for a massage space for rent, in Fort Worth, your search is over. We have twenty-three locations to choose from, each one offering the same incredible rental package, and we have more locations planned.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, leading the way in making dreams reality in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information about how you can own a massage therapy business with very little investment capital.

What is a massage space for rent?

Up until about ten years ago, most masseuses did not even entertain thoughts of owning a massage therapy business. It was simply too costly. The price of purchasing a retail location was cost-prohibitive and kept most talented professionals in a position of working for commissions in some spa owned by someone else.

That has all changed. Today it is possible to rent a private salon suite, at a greatly discounted rental price, and operate a one-or-two-person massage business from that suite.   Investing in a monthly rent of a few hundred dollars per month is infinitely less expensive than paying a monthly mortgage payment of a few thousand dollars per month.

Thus, the boom in this business plan.

What will it cost you in upfront expenses?

What does a massage space for rent cost? What can you expect to pay for a massage therapy suite plus other monthly expense?

We can only speak for Salon & Spa Galleria in Fort Worth, but the figures we quote to you will give you some idea what to expect.  Also, please note that any prices mentioned in this article are prices accurate as of March 2024.  You can call us for current pricing upon reading this article.

Currently, our entry-level massage therapy suite, the least expensive available at Salon & Spa Galleria, costs $100 per week, or $400 per month for a four-week rental period.  There is no huge down payment to be concerned with.

Other than that, your upfront expenses will include the price of a business license ($100?), the price of any decoration expense, and the cost of liability insurance.  We have had clients who opened a business in one of our locations for as little as $1000.  We conservatively suggest the average cost of opening a massage business at Salon & Spa Galleria at $2000 but, compared to the cost of purchasing a retail space and completely furnishing that space, $2000 is a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Do the math and you will arrive at one very obvious conclusion.

This is where it gets enjoyable.  Let’s say the average massage session costs $75.  Let’s say, and we are talking low end with this estimate, you see six customers per day.  Using that scenario, you will almost pay for all of your monthly expenses after the first day of seeing customers.  The rest of the month will be pure profit and, because you are the owner, you keep 100% of those profits.

We don’t know if a massage space for rent is right for you, but we do know it is something you should look into, especially if you dream big.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twenty-three salon suite rental locations. Call us today and arrange for a private tour of our massage suites.  We make dreams become a reality in the Fort Worth area.